Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer & Its Risk factors

Introduction to our Breast Cancer segment with Dr Sandra Cabot and Naturopath Margaret Jasinska.

Breast Cancer Statistics

Margaret discusses the most up to date breast cancer statistics.

Hormones & Breast Cancer

Margaret discusses how hormones can adversely effect the health of the breast tissue and uterus. Oestrogen dominance and its health implications are discussed.

Breast Cancer & Thyroid problems

Dr Cabot discusses how the thyroid function can impact the health of the breasts and the health of the reproductive organs. Nutrients & treatments are discussed for a healthy thyroid function.

HRT & Menopause

Hormones Replacement therapy is controversial and has been linked to breast cancer. Safe doses and methods are discussed with Dr Cabot.

Post Breast Cancer & Supplementation

Dr Cabot discusses how the quality of women’s lives can be effected by having had breast cancer. Sandra describes what can be done to improve the quality of life.

The Oral Contraceptive Pill

Margaret & Sandra discuss breast cancer and the risk factors associated with the oral contraceptive pill. Safer contraceptives are discussed.

Environmental Factors

Margaret discusses the relationship between environmental factors and breast cancer. One of the greatest contributors to the huge increase in breast cancer in the last 20years are believed to be environmental factors.

Lifestyle Recommendations

Healthy lifestyle factors are discussed with Dr Cabot & Margaret in decreasing the risk of breast cancer and improving your well-being.

Nutritional Factors

Dr Sandra Cabot and Margaret Jasinska discuss nutritional factors that effect the health of the breast and our immune system.

Post Breast Cancer

Here Margaret and Sandra talk about what are the best preventative strategies for women that have previously had breast cancer and during a breast cancer diagnosis.

Liver Function & Breast Cancer

Dr Cabot talks to Margaret about the role of the liver and cancer. They also discuss how to be more liver conscious.

Weight Problems & Breast Cancer

Here they discuss how to maintain a healthy weight and the correlation between an unhealthy body weight and the increase risk in breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Prevention Guide

Margaret and Sandra discuss the importance of breast examinations and direct us to a very useful website that helps instruct how to do a self examination.

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