Liver Dysfunction Questionnaire

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1. Do you suffer with nausea?
2. Has any drug ever damaged your liver?
3. Do you have a lot of allergies?
4. Do you suffer with excess body heat?
5. Have you ever been diagnosed with jaundice?
6. Have you ever been diagnosed with hepatitis?
7. Have you had your gall bladder removed?
8. have you been diagnosed with a fatty liver?
9. Do you drink too much alcohol?
10. Are you intolerant to alcohol?
11. Do you have gallstones?
12. Do you take a lot of pain killers?
13. Have you taken a lot of antibiotic drugs?
14. Do you have pain/discomfort over the right upper abdominal area?
15. Do you get itchy skin?
16. Do you have a lot of skin rashes?
17. Do you have brown liver spots on your skin?