Weight Loss



Dr Sandra Cabot talks with Naturopath Margaret Jasinska about the causes of weight excess. There are many reasons why people have trouble losing excess weight. Discover the secrets for successful and permanent weight loss.

Syndrome X

Syndrome X is a metabolic syndrome that makes the body store fat. The most prevalent reason why people cannot lose weight! Syndrome X is well recognised as a disturbance of insulin metabolism.

Liver Function

Liver function greatly affects a person’s metabolism, weight, well-being and appearance. The liver is the major fat burning organ in the body. Discover life saving tips on improving your liver!

Thyroid Health

Dr Cabot and Margaret explore holistic ways to heal different types of thyroid conditions. Learn how to fine tune your thyroid to improve energy and weight control. Learn how to reduce your risk of thyroid cancer.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome solutions are discussed with Dr Sandra Cabot. Recommendations for PCOS and weight problems include low carbohydrate diets combined with nutritional supplementation, to lower insulin.

Body Toxicity

Body toxicity can lead to weight gain. Margaret lists the signs and symptoms that are associated with a toxic overloaded system. Detox suggestions and solutions are discussed in this interesting segment.

Quickloss Meal Replacement

Do you want to lose weight quickly? If so, Margaret and Sandra show you this is possible with the new Quickloss Meal Replacement and diet. Quickloss really works and contains so many vitamins and minerals to support the metabolism. Quickloss contains a special fibre called Neopuntia which reduces the appetite and reduces the body’s ability to absorb fat from the diet. Listen here to hear all the wonder facts about Quickloss.

Healthy Eating & Diet Tips

Sandra and Margaret discuss the many different types of diets and why so many of them fail. Discover diet strategies that really work because they are based on science and physiology to get you into the fat burning zone.

Sugar vs Artifical Sweeteners & the Health Dangers

Dr Sandra Cabot talks about sugar versus artificial sweeteners, how sugar cravings affect our health and why we may be craving sugar. Also discussed are the negative health implications associated with artificial sweeteners and what is a good alternative.

Healthy Weight Loss Expectations

What is a realistic and healthy amount of weight to lose per week? So many people have unrealistic weight loss goals that set them up for failure.

Exercise & the Health Benefits

Margaret Jasinska discusses the many health benefits associated with exercise. She also talks about how exercise affects our metabolism, what are the best forms of exercise and how long we should exercise for.

Alcohol & how it Effects Weight Problems

Dr Sandra Cabot discusses the different types of alcohol, how they affect our metabolism and weight. Learn which drinks have no carbs and those that will make you gain weight.

Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods, we all love this, so what are these foods? Sandra lists some fat burning foods that are recommended to help us to lose weight.

Insulin Resistance & Diabetes

Insulin Resistance also known as Syndrome X commonly leads to obesity, fatty liver and Diabetes type 2. Margaret explains how diet, lifestyle and supplementation can reverse this condition.

Stress & its effects on Weight Problems

Weight problems can be caused by depression and/or anxiety disorders. Dr Cabot discusses measures to reduce depression and stress.

Overeaters Anonymous

Dr Sandra Cabot discusses how Overeaters Anonymous can help people who have an addiction to food and eating. Sandra lists the sure signs that may occur if you are using food for emotional comfort. This free organisation can help people to understand the relationship and to help stop it.

Weight Loss Support Centres

Sandra Cabot has set up weight loss support centres all over Australia to help support people who are trying to lose weight. All the reasons that can affect a person’s weight are factored into Dr Cabot’s program.

Depression & Weight Problems

Dr Cabot discusses the relationship between mood and weight problems and how brain chemistry affects our outlook and how we feel about ourselves. Also she discusses depression, medications and nutritional supplementation.

Diet & Depression

Margaret Jasinska discusses the relationship between mood and the diet. Margaret lists certain foods, nutritional and herbal supplements that can be beneficial during times of stress and mild depression.

The Final Word

Dr Sandra Cabot has the final word on how finding the missing piece in the puzzle can be all it takes to improve your weight and well-being. More help is available with Dr Sandra Cabot’s many books and informative websites.

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