When it comes to weight loss, one size DOES NOT fit all!

That is why the Weight Loss Detectives were formed to look deeper into the reasons why you cannot lose weight, and just as importantly, why you cannot keep the weight off!
That is why Dr Cabot conceived the Weight Loss Detective (WLD) strategy which is based on finding ALL the causes of your weight excess. All these problems, no matter how seemingly small they appear, need to be addressed to make your weight loss easier.

Why is the weight loss and wellbeing program offered by the Weight Loss Detectives different to any other off the shelf weight loss program?

We do not follow the status quo or conventional diet guidelines, as they do NOT work for everyone! There is a cause for every imbalance in life and it is important that you do not give up! If you keep doing the same things and thinking the same way despite failure, then nothing will change. We can help you pinpoint areas where you need a fresh perspective and we can help you persist in a new journey of understanding your unique body characteristics.

The Weight Loss Detectives are trained to look for things that are not usually obvious or even considered important to others in the weight loss profession. They have been helping people lose weight in a healthy and sustained way for over 20 years. This experience has been invaluable for us to develop our new program that is holistic and science based.

You will be assigned your own personal practitioner who you can correspond with.

If someone is struggling to lose weight despite thinking they are doing everything they can do as far as diet, lifestyle, mental attitude and exercise goes, then something is missing in the equation. These missing factors can make your journey to a healthy weight and wellbeing much harder and of course frustrating. The Weight Loss Detectives are trained to detect and prove these missing factors that are required to be corrected for you to be successful.

This is an area where experience, naturopathic training and blood tests can really help to bring clarity. Many overweight people have subtle or undiscovered biochemical and hormonal imbalances that are slowing down their weight loss. Patients are often told “well your blood tests look fine because they are in the “normal range”; but they may not be optimal for weight loss, which is important for you. We have found that optimizing or fine tuning the biochemistry and the hormones can make the difference between struggle and a successful enjoyable weight loss journey.

Your chances of successful and lasting weight control depend upon:


The Weight Loss Detectives can help you do this!

Dr Sandra Cabot has trained all her Weight Loss Detectives and works closely with them. The rate at which you lose weight may vary and for some people takes longer, if the problems below are not addressed.

  • A fatty liver
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Critical nutrient deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Lack of time for oneself
  • Chronic pain

Other significant handicaps can be present but the Weight Loss Detectives will find them. It can be normal to reach weight loss plateaus, where weight loss stops for several weeks because it takes time to get the fat out of the liver and improve liver function and balance the hormones. If you understand that these causes can be treated and overcome, and weight loss will resume, it helps you to hang in there. Your Weight Loss Detective will give you the knowledge and clarity to be patient and not too hard on yourself.

Weight loss can be a puzzle

Many people say “I can’t lose weight and I don’t know why?”

Our approach looks at ALL the possible causes of excess weight – including but not limited to:

  • Liver dysfunction – such as fatty liver and overloaded liver
  • Out of balance hunger hormones – such as insulin and leptin resistance
  • Thyroid imbalances
  • Thyroid resistance
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in women
  • Adrenal gland dysfunction
  • Food intolerances and allergies
  • Leaky gut
  • Impaired methylation causing slowing down of the body’s biochemistry
  • Female menopause where metabolic rate often slows down
  • Sluggish kidneys leading to fluid retention
  • Lack of the female hormone progesterone
  • Exposure to environmental toxins
  • Some types of prescribed medications
  • Sugar addiction
  • Critical nutrient deficiency
  • Disordered eating patterns
  • Low testosterone in men
  • Lack of good quality sleep
  • Stress overload
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Inadequate exercise or the wrong exercise for you

OPTIONAL: ADDITIONAL SERVICE (Blood tests* at member’s cost)
We can order blood tests* for you and interpret the results if you are living in Australia. If you are living outside of Australia we can recommend tests for you to get done through your local doctor

There can be hidden or unthought of causes for weight excess and inability to lose weight, even if you diet. We can order blood tests for you and interpret the results. Many doctors do not consider these tests, as they do not specialise in weight problems.

Tests that can be useful in overweight people include:

  • Fasting blood sugar (glucose) levels
  • Fasting hunger hormones – insulin and leptin
  • Liver function tests
  • Inflammatory marker C Reactive Protein – excess inflammation can cause weight gain
  • Thyroid function tests (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Free Thyroid Hormones = Free T3 and Free T4)
  • Basal body temperature (measured before you get out of bed) – you can do this test yourself

Optional extra tests:

  • Reverse T3 – this is the wrong shape of thyroid hormone and blocks the normal thyroid hormone from working
  • Urinary iodine concentration – iodine deficiency can cause weight gain
  • Thyroid antibodies – can damage your thyroid and cause weight gain
  • Tests for menopause in women – blood FSH and estrogen (E2) levels
  • Tests for low testosterone (andropause) in men – we check total and free testosterone
  • Blood test for heavy metals – such as lead, mercury and arsenic which can slow metabolism
  • Cortisol and DHEA levels – to check adrenal function (blood must be taken in the early morning)
  • Gene test HLA DQ genotype – to see if you have the genes for gluten intolerance, in which case gluten can cause excess weight
  • Gene test MTHFR genotype – to see if you have a methylation defect that slows metabolic and detoxification processes in the body
  • Food allergy tests
  • Fasting C-peptide test (also known as the insulin C-peptide test) – to test for insulin resistance (healthy results are within the range of 0.5 to 2.7 ng/mL but can vary depending upon the lab that is used for testing)
  • Stool (poo) test – fecal calprotectin test for leaky gut

A Weight Loss Detective will explain the results of your tests after you have filled in your questionnaire and once your results arrive to us during one of your consults.

* Please Note: These blood tests are not bulk billed. You can discuss pricing with your Weight Loss Detective during your initial consultation.

Your Weight Loss Detective will help you decide which weight loss approach, and if needed diet, is best for you

We can provide recipes and meal plans for the following:

    • Ketogenic diet – regular
    • Ketogenic diet – vegetarian
    • Vegan diet – low carb
    • Vegetarian diet – low carb
    • A 1200-calorie-a-day healthy balanced diet
    • Rapid weight loss HCG diet for 3 weeks
    • Dr Cabot 15-Day Cleanse
    • QuickLoss Shake meal replacement diet

Individual meal plans can be done as an extra service and cost for people with food allergies/sensitivities or special needs.

Meet the Weight Loss Detective team

The Weight Loss Detective group consists of medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and nurses to bring a diverse and vast amount of expertise and experience.


The Weight Loss Detectives are formed to look deeper into the reasons why you cannot lose weight, and just as importantly, why you cannot keep the weight off!

I conceived the Weight Loss Detective strategy which is based on finding ALL the causes of your weight excess. All these problems, no matter how seemingly small they appear, need to be addressed to make your weight loss easier.


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