Dr Sandra Cabot believes that to be truly healthy you must have an understanding of what it means to have a healthy lifestyle.
This knowledge is priceless and can really change a person’s life. Your greatest asset is your health and Dr Cabot can help you nurture it.

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Super Vitamin K capsules
  • Contains 3 forms of vitamin K in a dose of 2200 mcg per capsule
  • Promotes strong bones and healthy arteries
  • Added vitamin  D 3, 2,000 IU per capsule
  • Added vitamin E
  • Reduces vertigo and dizziness
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 5,000 Units
  • Super Strength formula with 5000 I.U.
  • Supports healthy immune system
  • Promotes healthy bones
  • Reduces risk of kidney stones due to low vitamin D
Berberine 500 mg capsules
  • Helps support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Clinically studied for insulin resistance
  • Helpful for fatty liver caused by insulin resistance
  • Supports healthy lipid (cholesterol and triglyceride) levels
Kidney health
Kidney Health Formula 90ct

Our Kidney Health capsules have been designed to support optimal kidney function and to protect the kidneys from free radical damage. Nutrients and herbs have been combined in this formula to help reduce inflammation, the risk of kidney stones and the occurrence of urinary tract infections (UTI’s)

Femmephase capsules

Femmephase may be used as a natural alternative or adjunct to Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  • All natural female hormone support for menopause
  • Contains a mixture of phytoestrogens from herbs and foods combined with vitamins and minerals
D-Mannose & Cranberry capsules
A combination of two natural ingredients to:
  • prevent urinary tract infections in women and men
  • support urinary tract health

Our D-Mannose & Cranberry is clinically evaluated and made in the USA.

Tip: Take extra vitamin C daily for even more  prevention.

Ox Bile 500 mg capsules

Helpful for those who:

  • Cannot digest fats and suffer indigestion and bloating after eating fat
  • Have had their gallbladder removed
  • Have a poor functioning/ sluggish gall bladder
  • Have constipation
  • Have SIBO

Liver Doctor’s Ox Bile is of high quality and purity and is free of contaminants. It is bovine in origin and freeze dried to preserve biological activity.

zinc rapid action
Zinc Rapid Action 100ct

Zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral in the body. Zinc is required for hundreds of enzyme systems which control metabolism, digestion, hormone production, wound healing and immune competence. Zinc deficiency is common.

Contains 50mg of zinc per serve

Zinc is essential for:
  • Immune support
  • Skin health
  • Wound healing
  • Fighting viruses
Betaine Hydrochloric Acid capsules
  • Improves digestion of protein by increasing hydrochloric acid and pepsin levels in the stomach
  • Deficiency of hydrochloric acid is a common problem in those taking antacid drugs and can lead to SIBO and nutrient deficiencies
  • Adequate Hydrochloric acid is required for healthy gut bacteria to be in balance
  • Our Chlorocaps provide an all-natural plant based capsule shell
  • Must be taken in middle of meals
  • Manufactured in the USA under strict GMP Quality Standard
Super Digestive Enzymes capsules

Potent enzymes including all pancreatic enzymes, hydrochloric acid, ox bile and digestive herbs combined in one capsule

  • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • Improves fat metabolism
  • May prevent bloating, gas, indigestion and reflux
  • Reduces constipation

For more information see Dr Cabot’s free e-book titled ULTIMATE GUT HEALTH

Download Link: Ultimate Gut Health

NAC capsules or powder /  Lung Health
  • Boosts production of glutathione which is the most powerful antioxidant in the body
  • Supports and strengthens the immune system
  • Excellent for those with liver, kidney, and lung problems
  • Fights all chronic and recurrent infections
  • Reduces biofilm
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Detox for heavy metals and chemicals
  • NAC is on the WHO list of essential medicines
Serrapeptase 120 capsules

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme that has been used for over 30 years in the management of inflammatory disorders.

Studies have shown that Serrapeptase can help to reduce inflammation, and tendon, ligament, and joint pain . Serrapeptase works by breaking down unhealthy tissue such as cysts, scar tissue, spurs, and plaque in the arteries.

Glicemic Balance 60 capsules
  • Supports healthy blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Reduces insulin resistance
  • Reduces cravings for high carbohydrate foods
  • Unique blend of bitter melon, gymnema, chromium, magnesium, lipoic acid and carnitine
intestinal para clean
Intestinal Para Clean 90ct

The large intestines (colon) can harbor unwelcome parasites that may be sapping your energy and stealing your nutrients

Symptoms of intestinal parasites may include:

  • Flatulence (intestinal gas)
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Abdominal cramps or discomfort
  • Indigestion
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rashes

Tip: If you have these symptoms see your doctor for a feces test for microscopy and culture and PCR, and fecal occult blood.

Adrenal Plus Support 120 tablets
  • Adrenal Plus contains natural Adaptogens which reduce the effects of stressors and help the body to be more resilient
  • Adrenal Plus is a powerful blend of Vitamin C, B vitamins, and the herbs Rhodiola, Wild Yam, Ashwaganda, and Ginseng to support optimal adrenal gland function.
  • Your adrenal glands are your survival glands and make steroid hormones and adrenalin on demand.
  • You need strong adrenal glands to deal with physical and emotional stress.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.