Recently the Cabot Clinic in Camden received a telephone call from Gail who was distressed about her son, Phil.
Ever since Phil was an 8 year old, he had suffered from break-outs all over his body; Gail described the break-outs as ringworm and eczema that only occurred during the winter months and cleared up during summer, leaving white marks all over his skin.

Over the years, Gail had taken Phil to countless skin specialists, iridologists and doctors who prescribed numerous creams and anti-biotics only to have her Phil’s skin irritations recur every winter.
In fact, as Phil was getting older, acne also began to manifest itself so much so that Phil was becoming reclusive and self-conscious.  Adding to all of Phil’s symptoms, he eventually began to suffer from sleep disturbances where he was constantly waking at around 1am, and Phil also suffered from continual fungal infections.

Upon consultation, it seemed that, physically, Phil was a healthy young man who exercised 4-6 times a week, and was also working a job that kept him physically active.
Given Phil’s acne, he tried to steer clear of junk foods; Phil continued to gain weight around his abdominal area too.
Phil’s intake of grains may not have seemed particularly excessive, to most, however, we discovered that his diet was totally based around grains.  Phil started the day on wheat, consumed wheat for lunch, and even ate wheat-based snacks throughout the day and after dinner.

Being a young man in his 20’s, Phil enjoyed an alcoholic beverage; some people liken beer to being liquid gold, however, in the eyes of a Nutritionist, beer and wine are really just ‘liquid bread-fluid sugar!’

Phil had taken anti-biotics for years and lacked ‘quality’ time in the sun; he didn’t get to the ocean or eat any Omega 3 oils. Phil also compalined of being tired a lot of the time, and considering he is a young man, we found his fatigue to be worth investigating further, focusing on a lack of digestive function.

We did what we would do for most of our clients and began work on Phil’s liver function and gastro-intestinal health; Phil was able to provide us with particular blood tests as we requested them.  The test results showed he was lacking in particular vitamins and minerals, that are required to support his immune system, his blood ferritin and iron saturation were also extremely low; the rest of Phil’s FBC Haematology, liver and kidney enzymes came back within normal limits, as did his cholesterol.  Soon after beginning our recommendations, we received these emails from Phil;

“July 10 : Started the gluten free diet last week and feeling good already.”

On August 30th Phil got his genotype test results, back (testing him for gluten intolerance), his doctor told him his results came back as negative.  Regardless of this negative test result, Phil has already stated that he feels improvements in his well being which includes an improvement in energy levels.

“Sept 1 : Just to touch base here, all is going well.  Feeling soo much better after just finishing my first round of all the products.  My sores and skin has cleared up dramatically, big improvement.”

“Sept 2 : I’m feeling much happier about myself, seeing improvements each day really helps.  Sleeping a lot better too, not waking up so much during the night, also i have a lot more energy during the day now too.”

If you would like to organise a consultation with one of our nutritionists, please contact us at the Cabot Clinic – Camden on (02) 4655 4666 and we will be happy to assist!