Surgery Wasn’t The Solution For Me

Dear Dr Cabot,

Since I have had such amazing results on The Liver Cleansing Diet, I thought I should write a testimonial and send it in to you. Then others with hyperthyroidism may take advantage of the benefits that I have experienced with following the Liver Cleansing Diet.

Hyperthyroidism is the opposite of hypothyroidism; in the former, the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone. I have had this condition for a number of years but it did not cause dangerous levels. However, I still did not know what to do about it. The medical solution was only to have my thyroid gland removed or killed off with radioactive substances. As I am a great believer of “treat the cause, not just the symptoms”, I felt that surgery wasn’t the solution for me. I wanted to know what was causing my problem.

Around the time when I was starting to believe that my only hope was surgery, my thyroid level skyrocketed to dangerous levels. A friend suggested that I try going to visit the Dr Sandra Cabot Clinic, as they had been able to help her with her hormones. I was not interested in going to see another doctor. I knew what they would say “operate”. But then I thought, what if they could actually help? I could be possibly passing up the only real solution. So I decided okay, I won’t give up just yet, and I organised an appointment at the Clinic.

At the clinic, I got a full physical and blood tests done. It was explained exactly why the thyroid gland overproduced the hormone. I was started on a program which included the liver cleansing diet. I didn’t follow the exact diet, as recommended in the diet section of the book, but I followed the 10 basic principles, as best as I could. We can’t find organic meat where we live and Dr Cabot says it’s okay to go inorganic. I also ate and drank many of the liver loving foods such as dandelion tea and green mixed leaf salads with lots of onions etc, which I love to eat.

We knew it would take over a year to get the thyroid levels back down as close to normal as possible and within 3 months the thyroid was down 10 points. Within 6 months down 18 and just over a year down 24 pts. And only 3 pts off normal on the last blood test. Pretty good when other medicos said it was impossible to do it naturally.

I continue to follow the basic principles as best as I can and try to eat the liver loving foods and nutrients. I fall off the wagon occasionally, but then I just get back on it again. And I enjoy looking after my liver!

So thank you very much Dr Sandra Cabot and everyone at the Camden Clinic and Dr Marissa Stevenson for providing me with the solution to the cause of my problem. I am so grateful that you are there seeking out the “whys and how comes” and actually delivering results. I do appreciate that this has only been achieved by your dedicated, long-term efforts to understand the human body and to “really” be of help to your fellow man. And I am so grateful to you for having these fine qualities. I do and will continue to let people know what you can do for them.

With much respect,
Mrs Zaghet, NSW Australia