Bioidentical Hormones Are Miraculous!

Dear Dr Sandra

For years I suffered from mood swings, night sweats, hot flushes and felt as feminine as a deep-sea fish! It was as if an alien had taken over my body and my personality. I had always had a very, very healthy sex drive… this had totally gone, in fact, I thought my fanny had run away never to be seen again!

I was sleep-deprived and not myself at all. The fun loving, sexy woman I knew to be me was nowhere to be found. I knew I had to do something… but what? It was at this point that I discovered your books, what a life-changing experience! I started taking the suggested supplements and the miracle that is Bioidentical Hormone Cream. To my delight, I now recognise myself for the person that I used to be. I feel fantastic, to say the least, and my husband is also delighted (by the way, he was terrific throughout those “alien” times, very patient and understanding). He says he has his “old girl” back!

For me, I think I am better than before, as I appreciate feeling so great, knowing what the other option can be. I feel so alive now and wish I had acted sooner, but better late than never! Women need to know that there is no need to suffer all the symptoms of menopause, there is help out there and we can feel good – during and after! I am living proof of this.

Thank you Dr Sandra for your knowledge and help.

NSW Australia