Choosing a liver tonic

When you have a fatty liver it is vital to take a formula that contains an effective  dosage of the active ingredients. The ingredients should be standardised and pure so you know that you are getting the correct dosage.

So when choosing your liver tonic formula, choose wisely and check the types and the amounts of the ingredients in the different formulations available – you may get a surprise! Some liver tonics contain herbs in only small amounts and do not have any antioxidant vitamins, minerals or amino acids at all.

It is also important to know that the liver tonic you decide to take is –

  • Made in a laboratory that has obtained Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) certification and TGA approval
  • Made in a laboratory that is audited by an independent not for profit body such as The National Science Foundation – see
  • Analysed by an independent laboratory to validate the identity, purity and amounts of its contained ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarian so that the gelatin capsule cannot transmit bovine diseases

Liver tonics are helpful if you –

  • Are using prescription drugs – these must be broken down by the liver and many people are taking several drugs every day which greatly increases the work load of the liver.
  • Are using over the counter drugs, especially pain killers or paracetamol –  these must be broken down by the liver and can be particularly liver toxic if excess or daily doses are used.
  • Drink seven or more glasses of alcohol a week – many Australians consume excess alcohol making it one of the most common causes of liver disease.
  • Smoke cigarettes.
  • Consume sugar, fast foods, chemical food additives or a high fat diet.
  • Live in a major city – where you are exposed to automobile exhausts, factory smog, crowded dirty places, water chlorination, fluoride and heavy metals etc.
  • Use a microwave oven to reheat or cook your food.
  • Suffer from a liver infection; this affects hundreds of thousands of Australians — and many don’t even know they are infected.
  • Are over 40 years of age – as you get older the various tubes and ducts leading from and to your liver, as well as the internal liver filter itself, often become dirty and/or clogged. They become laden with unhealthy fats, multiple toxins, gallstones, sludge, hardened tissues and waste products of metabolism.
  • Drink soft drinks and/or diet soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners, especially the sweetener aspartame – see
  • Are exposed to toxic chemicals and pollutants such as – insecticides, some antiperspirants, solvents, glues, aerosol sprays, some detergents, cosmetics, ammonia, hair dyes, nail varnish, disinfectants etc. – you may be exposed to these things at work or in the home.
  • Do not drink enough pure water.
  • Lack antioxidants in your diet.
  • Have high cholesterol and/or triglycerides.
  • Have skin problems.

There are many other reasons that would make it wise to take a liver tonic on a regular daily basis or at the very least, twice a year for a two month course each time. This is especially true in the 21st century when the world has become increasingly polluted and crowded, and liver infections are increasing.

Your liver processes most of the approximately 400 million kilograms of toxic chemicals and drugs released into the environment every year. An overload of these toxins can easily wear out your liver and leave you prone to developing a range of health problems.

For professional advice when choosing a liver tonic formula, call our Health Advisory Service on 02 4655 8855 or send us an email.