CORONA and Other Dangerous VIRUSES

What you must know to protect yourself… and what they don’t tell you



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In this new book, integrative medical doctor and award-winning author Dr Sandra Cabot provides up-to-date information on the new coronavirus which caused the COVID-19 pandemic. She provides vital facts on how to protect yourself and your family that you will not find in other books or all in one place. This inside information is critical in this day and age where new viruses, as well as old viruses, will continue to threaten our health. The COVID-19 pandemic is not going to go away quickly and may become endemic for years and can be very hard to avoid completely.

This book will give you guidance on how to prevent this virus, as well as other viruses, from making you very ill. Vaccines and drugs are only part of the solution and this book will teach you how to have a healthy immune system, give you clarity and improve your confidence to pass through these frightening times in good health.

There are always dangerous viruses lurking around us and the coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 will not be the last new virus to threaten our way of life. Viruses mutate readily making the development of safe and long-lasting vaccines difficult, and in the case of many viruses, impossible and dangerous. The most lasting and robust protection we can have is a strong immune system so that we can prevent viruses from making us severely ill in the short term or ruining our health in the long term.

Learn about:

  • Stealth viruses, deadly retroviruses, viruses that cause cancer, viruses that cause chronic fatigue and mysterious diseases
  • A plan for a functionally competent immune system
  • The critical nutrients to protect you from viruses
  • Foods and herbs to restore immune strength
  • Facts and myths surrounding COVID-19
  • How to help children with a weak immune system

This book discusses the controversy regarding potential mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 and new experimental vaccines that have stimulated polarising debate, censored documentaries, and peaceful protests.

What “they do not tell you about viruses” is found in this book.

Dr Sandra Cabot has written several ground breaking books

Dr Sandra Cabot has written many popular books on health which are published in many different languages. Her books have helped millions of people around the world to improve their health. Dr Cabot’s “Liver Cleansing Diet” book was awarded The Australian People’s Choice Award in 1997.

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