Could using artificial sweeteners be contributing to your weight control problems?

A recent study by the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, suggests that aspartame and saccharin actually cause a greater weight gain than sugar. Surprisingly, this is even the case if the same intake of calories is ingested.

Over a 12 week period, researchers gave rats their regular diet, plus plain yoghurt sweetened with aspartame, saccharin or sugar. A larger weight gain was seen in the rats that ate the aspartame or saccharin sweetened yoghurt.

Researchers think that a decrease in energy used, or fluid retention could be the reason that the artificial sweeteners had this effect on the rats.

There has been research done in the past on humans which shows that aspartame actually increases the appetite! It is also thought that people who eat artificial sweeteners have an increased motivation to eat – perhaps because they feel ‘safe’ that they are eating a lower carb food or drink.

Our best advice is to try and remove sweet foods and drinks from your diet – those with sugar and especially those with artificial sweeteners.

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