by Kylie McCarthy, Nutritionist

Lose half a kilogram per day- PER DAY!    Its true if you use the real prescription HCG- but learn how to spot the fakes!

By now you may have heard of the HCG diet. Yes its quick, yes it works, yes its been working for years, and yes I have seen many of our clients at the Cabot Health Clinic successfully lose 10 kilos in 3 weeks. And YES it will work for you!!  But before you drop your linen and hunt for the cheapest HCG quote around, I am here to tell you that you are going to be left somewhat starved and not much lighter if you don’t know that you are getting a fake!

If you’ve read the internet blogs on HCG often written by Joe No-idea, whom has no Medical or Naturopathic qualifications, then you have every right to be wary.  Worse still, if you follow an HCG program that isn’t associated with a registered doctor’s prescription then you have reason to be genuinely concerned for your health!  Without a doctor’s prescription and a compounding chemist to make up your HCG hormone, you are most definitely NOT taking a real hormone- rather, most likely a raft of mixed herbs. Now herbs are great- in fact herbs are the basis of modern medicine.

With the guidance of a qualified Naturopath, herbs are used extensively and successfully to rectify poor health without the side effects that pharmaceutical drugs can have.  However substituting herbs for the real HCG hormone whilst on the 500 a day calorie intake required for this diet, will do no more than reduce your metabolic rate, and literally leave you starving of nutrients and very much endangering your life.

500 calories + HCG hormone is a healthy and effective proven way to lose weight.

500 calories + a herbal tonic is a dangerous way to wilt away

There are plenty of fakes out there; claiming to be the real deal, claiming to not need a prescription- and it is those very claims of not needing a prescription that you need to get your ten foot pole out for!  Why?  Because it’s a Fake!  HCG is a hormone, not a herbal mixture.  Herbs cannot access the fats stores and initiate endocrine signalling like Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone does.  As vitamins are not minerals- herbs are not hormones.  We love herbs, herbs are great- they can be appetite inhibiting or stimulating and if you’re really lucky, you’ll come across one that is an aphrodisiac!  But they are not hormones!  Herbs can be hormone modulating and assist in the regulation of endocrine disorders but they are NOT hormones and therefore fail to act on the body like a hormone dose.  Hence any form of HCG you receive that does not require a medical doctor’s prescription is a fake!

You’ll see the fakes advertised in your local paper claiming zero starvation, zero exercise, zero shakes, zero prescriptions- and there you have it- zero prescription= a fake!

When you are contemplating doing the HCG Diet – make sure you are under the guidance of a medical doctor OR a qualified health care provider- ie, Naturopath or Nutritionist working alongside a doctor. Ask your provider what your HCG formula contains.   If your supplier gives you a lovely and sometimes edible sounding list of herbs, then you must immediately cast you mind back to that famed shower scene moment in the Hitchcock’s classic – hold on to your metabolism and get the heck out of there!

Ask if your HCG requires a prescription; ask your provider if they are working with a doctor.

At the Cabot Health Clinic

Every week I see men and women come into our clinic who are over the moon and astonished at their results on the HCG Diet. Initially in the first consult, when I am telling them about the HCG protocol, I see the apprehension on their faces, but apprehension soon turns to hope and excitement- that’s the part I love about being a practitioner, giving people hope and then seeing their own excitement as my clients achieve their results!  Their follow up is always a super pumped experience with my client eager to tell me of their weight loss of up to 3.5 kilograms in the first week- just last week I had one woman lose 7.8 kilos in 11 days!

We see and hear many success stories on the HCG Diet and have the clients and testimonial proof to show you that you too can lose those deeper stores of fat layers that have changed your shape. The HCG protocol will flatten you out and slim you down quickly.

So check out the press on the HCG protocol on this website and email me or give me a call on 02 4655 8855 with all your questions.  We are a very supportive and successful clinic with each of our practitioners passionate about making you feel your best.  Do it now – give us a call.

I received an email this week from one of my clients expressing her elation and gratitude after doing a few weeks on the HCG Diet. I asked if “Vera” would like to write me a testimonial . . .

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We have many more testimonials of success with HCG and our weight loss programs are in full swing. You can pop in and meet me at our Camden Clinic and get a Free Weight Loss Detective Diary to get started.