What is it?

Live Blood Analysis (also known as live blood cell analysis) is a test where a single drop of blood from the patient’s fingertip is magnified under a microscope and is able to be used as a screening tool for identifying gut permeability and digestive health.

Both practitioner and client are able to see the blood components and, with subsequent tests, are able to track the success of treatment.

What can LBA show?

Live Blood Analysis is able to detect indications of liver and spleen stress, low immune status, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fungal infections, digestive problems, atherosclerotic predisposition, dysbiosis, alcohol stress on the liver and red blood cells.

This is shown by the shape, size and structure of red cells, white cells and platelets.

Identification of early stage dysfunction, well before a diagnosable disease state is reached can be observed and by recommending lifestyle changes and utilising nutritional and supplement intervention, the client is able to reverse these early stage disorders and reduce gene expression of familial genetic tendencies.

Important features of Live Blood Analysis include:
•    Visual tracking of improvements towards best possible health.
•    Ability to see blood components, and with the expert guidance of our naturopathic technician, identify these components and be given a clear indication of any dysfunction present.
•    Intervention at an earlier stage allows reversal before a diagnosable disease is apparent.

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