Excerpt from Australian Natural Health Magazine

We quiz The Liver Doctor, Sandra Cabot

Find out the importance of maintaining balance in your diet and lifestyle all year round, without the restriction of diets or the guilt that comes with overindulgence

On a personal level, where do your weaknesses lie within your diet? What tips do you have for our readers, to help keep those weaknesses at bay?

I have found that people who don’t eat enough protein and good fats are more likely to crave sugar and carbohydrate rich foods. I eat substantial, filling meals comprised of protein such as eggs, chicken, seafood or meat, along with lots of vegetables and good fats like olive oil, avocados and organic coconut oil. I snack on raw nuts and seeds if I get hungry. My focus is to nourish my body with nutrients that allow me to feel my best.  When I crave a sugary treat, I have a small portion and don’t fret about it. Often, people are overly concerned about their weight and this leads them to being ‘really good’ alternating with ‘really bad’. I focus on eating delicious food each day that is high in healthy fats, so I feel completely satisfied after meals and am not left craving sweets afterwards.

At what point in your life did you discover the importance of a liver cleanse? What sparked and drove your passion to educate and promote this to others?

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