Liver Cleansing Diet And My Recovery

Dear Wendy Perkins

About ten years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Liver Cleansing Diet. But it’s only been in the last few weeks that I discovered the newsletter, and I’ve been very pleased to read the excellent information concerning alcoholism. Thank you for your contributions to this wonderful work.

Today’s message was especially meaningful for me, as I’ve been distressed about watching someone in deep denial, headed for certain disaster. Of course, I’ve seen that many times, and I remember to be grateful for my own surrender and just keep soldiering on. Dr Sandra’s writing, emphasising balance and holistic approaches to life, spoke to me on a very deep level. The Liver Cleansing Diet principles fit seamlessly with my recovery voyage, which had started a year or two before the Liver Cleansing Diet found me. I’ve done my best to make them foundational to living, with huge positive effect. Right now I am in week 7 of an Liver Cleansing Diet “tune up”, which I do periodically. So thanks to you and Dr Sandra for your efforts. They are deeply appreciated!

Best personal wishes and many blessings to you and your colleagues!

Roger A. Moss
California, USA