Liver Cleansing Diet – Joe’s Story

It’s been 3 months now since your email and I just want to thank you and Dr Cabot for your advice and guidance when I needed it. I followed your advice and went and got myself a copy of the Liver Cleansing Diet book along with Dr Cabot’s suggested supplements. After carefully reading the book, I strictly went on the diet for 3 months. I just had my follow up with a liver function test and everything has virtually come back to normal.

Initially, GGT was 177 and ALT 122. Now my GGT is only 77 and what is considered to be normal for my ALT. Apart from my cholesterol still being a little high, which is now 6 but lower than my original result which was 7.1.

I wish to thank you all for everything especially the help you gave me when I needed it.

Joe M