The Path To Living A Healthy Life

My boyfriend, Bill, came into my life in January of this year. I have suffered since my teen years with migraines and back pain and have been prescribed high levels of acetaminophen and ibuprofin over the years along with other pain medications. I grew up regularly visiting my doctors.

I was always thin; 5’9″ and around 130 pounds – that is, until I was in my late 30’s when my weight began to increase and held steady around 200 pounds for about 15 years. My liver enzymes continually were elevated. No doctor recommended any changes except to say to stay away from Tylenol and Advil. I was given opiates and told that I should exercise more to lose weight.

Bill and I were friends in college and lost touch for about 18 years. Upon reconnecting with each other, he immediately knew that my health was suffering due to damage done to my liver. The first thing I did was let go of the processed foods in my diet and began eating only fruits and vegetables and natures scrub-brush, muesli – and I started following Dr Cabot’s recommended supplement regime.

Today, I weigh 136 pounds; having lost 65 pounds in eight months! My hair and skin shine and I look 20 years younger. My brain is no longer muddled; my thoughts are clear. Recent bloodwork shows that I am healthy! Bill’s life was saved after he made drastic changes after reading Dr Cabot’s Liver Cleansing Diet book and he has now shown me the path to living a healthy life.

At ages 46 and 50 we look great, we think clearly, we are hopelessly in love and enjoying life. We’re spreading the word and our sons; ages 7 and 14, have you to thank that their mom and dad will be around for many, many years to come. Thank you so much!

Laura N, USA