No More Nightly Leg Cramps

Dear Dr Sandra Cabot

I have been taking magnesium for many years ever since I discovered that it cured my terrible night cramps. I don’t think there is anything more debilitating than a sudden attack of cramping muscles. I had been a sufferer for too long and also had twitching eyelids, cramped fingers and toes, but the worse thing was the cramps in my calves and feet that would suddenly grab me whilst sleeping. The latter were absolute agony that woke me up gasping in pain; they would last 20 minutes to an hour, forcing me to hop around the bedroom crying for help. This would usually awaken my husband, who was also a victim of cramps, so sometimes there would be two of us hopping around the bedroom and we could see the funny side of it – but not often.

We became desperate and tried all the folk remedies and old wives’ tales for relief. One of these included putting a lump of camphor in an old sock, which we left in the bottom of the bed in between the sheets. Phew, it stunk; we would get into bed and felt as though we were in the old folk’s home! But we were desperate enough to try anything! All to no avail – until a friend who was one of your patients told me about your book, “Magnesium – the miracle mineral“. I rushed out to the health food store and bought it and sat and read it cover to cover. Thank God, I thought, as it sounded like the supplemental recommendations you made in your book could really help to change our lives. After following your advice, I am delighted to advise that all my symptoms were cured within two weeks and my husband found relief after three weeks. We could not believe the huge difference that magnesium made in our lives and our sleep – we are never without magnesium in our house or when we are away travelling.

Jacqueline W,