So Far, I Have Lost 10kgs!

Dear Dr Cabot

You should use me to advertise your product Synd X powder! I have a very sweet tooth and have always loved sweet and creamy desserts, especially when I am upset or bored. When I was younger, I would put on as much as 10kg every winter and because I was young I would lose it again every spring by crash dieting. This was very unhealthy and as I got older, instead of losing it every spring it would take me a couple of years to get my act together, especially once I started having kids. When I did manage to lose it, I never got down to my goal before I gave up and began to eat whatever I wanted putting it all back on and more. The longest I ever kept weight off was for 2 years.

Because of my unhealthy lifestyle, I ended up with fatty liver and gallstones. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis which makes exercise a challenge. I had tried all of the diet shakes on the market except Synd X (because I had never heard of it). I did manage to lose a little weight on them but the cravings were terrible and I was a long way from my goal. I could only resist for so long and at 53 and going through menopause, my metabolism was just halted in its tracks! No matter what I did, I would lose a kilo and gain 3. This is very depressing and made me feel like a nice chocolate bar!!! The trouble is, you get tired. At 53 and already going through all that menopause stuff, dealing with a teenager, (2 hormonal people in one house is two too many!), trying to work and run a household and fit in exercise and a good diet to-o, is overwhelming and after a week I just lost the plot altogether. It is no wonder people give up and just let themselves go.

Last year, I had my gallbladder out and about a month later a friend put me onto Synd X. She is the same age and going through some of the same challenges and had lost 11kgs. I really did not think it would work but I thought that I would give it one more try. I am sooo glad that I did! It tastes good; it is easy when you are tired. I have always hated trying to pack lunch for work, now I just take a shake. It fills you up and stops the cravings for junk food. It also seems to kick my metabolism back into gear somehow. I am not constantly falling on and off the wagon now. A good example is last November. I had a day at SeaWorld where I ate everything on the menu, but instead of starting me off on my usual binge I was satisfied and ended up losing 500g that week!

In 5 months, I am down 10kgs and in a healthy size 10 from a tight size 16. I have done some exercise but not near enough to have lost this weight. I do some light weights a couple of times a week at home in my bedroom and I get on the treadmill and walk for maybe an hour a week total! My husband has also lost 10kgs on the QuickLoss shake. He saw me losing weight and decided to give it a go. It keeps him full until lunchtime at work. I could not be more thrilled. I feel like I could keep using Synd X forever. I think this product is underadvertised. It is the real deal and more people should know about it and be benefiting from it.

Thank you!

Kelly H, Australia