The HCG Difference

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) – Scripted Hormone vs. Fake HCG

Dr Sandra Cabot Clinics has been specialising in the HCG diet for so many years now, we are able to report that the results are truly astonishing.  We make it an integral part of all consultations with clients to ensure they know exactly what HCG is; that they are clear on the difference between the fake HCG, erroneously referred to as Homeopathic, and the real scripted HCG hormone.   The most glaring difference between the two being the fake Homeopathic HCG is readily available over the internet, for a mere $30 – any wonder?  No, because it’s not the real HCG!

People looking for somewhere reputable to obtain HCG AND get the true hormone for a couple of hundred dollars, and not the $1900 Karmic-denting prices found in some Sydney Day Spas, welcome!  You are are reading the right blog!  Here is a little story about HCG.

Currently, there are only two manufacturers of HCG world-wide; one is located in Europe, and are known to follow good manufacturing protocols, as recognised by the Food & Drug Authority (FDA), they are a US FDA-registered and approved producers of HCG, and are inspected by the US FDA regularly to ensure compliance.  All product manufactured by this company is purchased via the US and is of the best quality.

The only other US FDA-registered source, of HCG, is located in China.  However, the Chinese manufacturer was sighted, by the US FDA, for contamination; in short, not the best place to get HCG from!   There are no other producers of registered Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

So, based on this information, it is very important to get HCG from a reputable pharmacist who sources their HCG from the U.S., and even if the HCG is coming from a company in the U.S., please inquire as to “where,” to ensure it is the true hormone.

When seeing a practitioner for HCG, ask questions, if not seeing a doctor to obtain HCG, make sure your practitioner is working with a doctor otherwise how are they obtaining the true scripted hormone?  If they are not working with a doctor then they are probably giving you a “Homeopathic” HCG, and even then it may not be a legitimate Homeopathic HCG, as defined by the U.S Pharmacopoeia.  It is very common practice in the U.S to sell a total placebo!  In fact, it is possible to buy HCG on street corners in Houston Texas, and this information was volunteered by a Doctor we work closely with in the United States!

So what is Homeopathy?

Boiron Laboratories in Canada, a world leader in Homeopathy, advise that Homeopathic products are derived from natural sources, including plant mineral or animal products, and prepared to Homeopathic manufacturing standards as defined by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States; manufactured by the process of de-concentration or dilution and succussion, with final concentrations displayed on their products with the rule being, the higher the concentration the stronger the dose.

In some literature, it is suggested that some Homeopathic dosages such as a 12 C or 24 X are so diluted that they have almost no original constituent, in effect, they don’t work.
Here is the HCG correlation to check out:
The Food and Drugs Authority in the U.S has, in the past, made a statement on Homeopathic HCG liquids.  The US FDA stated, “The American Pharmacopoeia  does not recognize the HCG Homeopathic as being effective.”  The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia also does not recognize Homeopathic HCG drops.  They don’t work, they are not recognized as effective!

There are so many fake HCG products available, and stating that they are true HCG.  In fact some products, when you check the product ingredients, are simply a combination of amino acids and herbs!
To elaborate, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that will act on the body as HCG does within the body naturally when it is produced by a female during pregnancy.
B Vitamins do not act in the body like a hormone, a wonderful combination of amino acids will, again, not act on the body’s metabolism and hypothalamus as the true HCG hormone will.