All Round Great Results

Hi Margaret,

Haven’t emailed you for ages but I am so happy today because I got my latest thyroid reading and it is 2.7 which is terrific. I am sooooo happy. Hasn’t been this good for many, many years. You started me on a grain-free diet about 6 months ago and I have also been taking the bovine thyroid extract. You weren’t sure if bovine was as good as porcine but I can now report that it is as good because I have reached my goal….

Thanks so much for your help. It was just brilliant to have someone take charge of my health issues (slow thyroid, constipation, tiredness, bloated stomach, etc.) and tell me exactly what to do. I had been trying to manage it all myself but I never knew exactly what to do and what to leave out. You gave me strict instructions and I really needed that…..brilliant. I have also lost 5 kilos which is great because although I wasn’t overweight, it was still good to get rid of that bit of extra fat around my middle.

All round great results thanks to your great advice and my persistence with getting it right and defying the GP telling me I had to take Thyroxin.

Good luck with other people in the same boat as me.

Thanks again and cheers,
Ms L.H. from the ACT

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