A Healthy Liver Slows Down Ageing

By Dr Sandra Cabot

New research shows that the ageing process can be slowed, and to a significant degree even reversed, if we improve our liver function. Over 20 years of research in more than 6000 patients, has found that a healthy liver can slow down the ageing process. This is very exciting news, as we are expected to live much longer than we did at the beginning of the 20th century, when the average lifespan of a woman was less than 50 years.

The ageing process is caused by damage to our cells and especially a part of our genetic structure (DNA) which regulates the rate at which the cell will age. This part of our DNA is called the telomere and is the end part of the DNA. The telomere protects the DNA against damage from free radicals, so we want our telomeres to be long.

The telomeres can be damaged by a build-up of toxins in the body which may come from polluted air, cigarette smoke, heavy metals, pesticides and excess sugar. The liver is the only organ that can break down these toxic substances and it is working very hard today where toxic chemicals have become widespread. If the liver is fatty or infected by hepatitis viruses it will need even more help to achieve its functions.

Your liver is the filter and cleanser of your blood stream and just like a filter in any high-powered engine it must be cleansed. If you do not look after your liver, your blood stream may become overloaded with toxins and these things will damage the DNA in your cells. The awful result is that you will find yourself ageing too rapidly and putting on weight too easily. So many people feel and look old just because their liver is not producing enough energy – and yet very few doctors think about the liver! In Chinese medicine the liver is called “the general of the army of the body”.

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