An Introduction By Dr Sandra Cabot

From the video series “All About The Liver”

INTRO (Duration 2:36 mins)


My name is Dr Sandra McRae Cabot. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

In 1975, I graduated from medicine and surgery with honors from the University of Adelaide, South Australia. I then developed a special research interest in the liver, because in the 1980s I could see an emerging epidemic of liver problems, such as fatty liver and hepatitis.

So, this incentivised me to do clinical trials in patients with fatty liver, assessing them with blood tests and ultrasound scans, so on, and I found that the liver responded beautifully to a program of nutritional medicine. And the liver is able to repair, regenerate new tissue. So, this was very, very exciting.

I’ve also developed a series of liver presentations which teach you all about your liver, the amazing functions of the liver, and how you can improve your life dramatically by supporting your liver function. And how you can repair liver damage. And these are easy to understand and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. So, check them out. The presentations on “All About The Liver”.

And if you look on the internet, there’s so much on the liver, it’s overwhelming, really. And some doctors will tell you, “All you need to take is a supplement. You can eat anything you like, don’t worry about your diet.” Whereas in the other extreme, the doctor will say, “You have to follow a very strict diet and you can’t eat any sugar and don’t take any supplements.” So people get confused. But really, if you try a program, you’ll be able to test it and see if it works. Because you’ll have better liver function tests, your UltraScan will be better, you’ll feel a lot better, you’ll lose weight. So, you can test whatever you’re trying.

So, I encourage you to check out my liver presentation called “All About The Liver”. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and thanks for listening.