Benefits Of Detoxing

Dr Sandra Cabot discusses the importance of detoxing your entire body with Margaret Jasinska ND.

Doing a cleanse, is like giving your body a spring-clean. Cleansing offers additional support to the detoxification organs to remove toxins, waste products and excess cholesterol from the body. We are regularly exposed to an array of chemicals and toxins through cleaning products, industrial gases, pesticides, cigarette smoke, medication, alcohol, personal care products and car fumes.

Our livers are responsible for processing all of these toxins, and removing them from our body via our bowels, urine, breath and sweat. Our diets also have a huge impact on our detoxification capability. Refined grains, sugar and processed foods lack the nutrients required for detoxification and place additional strain on our livers. Toxins and fat build-up in the liver, causing it to be sluggish and/or fatty; this increases the risk of insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity.

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