Juanita is a lovely lady whose life has been improved by the use of bio-identical hormones. She found that her wellbeing deteriorated when she arrived at menopause as she started to experience emotional changes that were foreign to her as she had always been a bright bubbly extroverted lady who could help all her friends when they were feeling down. She was not a complainer so she kept her anxiety to herself and tried to soldier on. Her weight kept increasing although she was not eating any differently. Her clothes did not fit and she felt bloated and unattractive. She became increasingly anxious and felt flat and tired. She lost all her libido and had difficultly relating to her long time partner. She asked me to check her hormone levels with a blood test and this revealed low levels of all her sex hormones – namely low levels of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. I said to Juanita that she had lost all her sex hormones and she said she could relate to that as she felt “like a turnip”. Yes I said “you have the hormone levels of a turnip! We laughed about it but she was relieved that I could offer her help.

I prescribed Juanita two hormone creams to restore her hormonal balance. One cream contained natural progesterone 100mg and the other cream contained a combination of an oestrogen called Biest 4mg and testosterone 2mg. I also gave her some capsules containing the natural hormone DHEA. I explained to Juanita that during menopause the metabolic rate often slows down causing unaccustomed weight gain and bloating. To increase her metabolic rate I prescribed a tablet called Metabocel to take with each meal. Metabocel contains high dose Garcinia, which reduces conversion of carbohydrate into fat. It also contains iodine, cayenne, chromium and other nutrients to support a healthy metabolism. Within 4 weeks Juanita felt much better and she said to me that she had turned from the dry old turnip into a juicy peach. She was able to sleep and was not feeling anxious. Her weight was coming down and her clothes were fitting much better. Her partner told her he was very happy to have his best friend back!

To watch Juanita explain how much better she feels – watch this video

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