How I Healed My Liver

How I heal my liver

I was overweight and my liver was a ticking time bomb. . . Dr. Cabot has literally saved my life.” Those are the words of radiation oncologist Thomas Eanelli MD after he reversed his fatty liver, obesity and food addiction. This informative interview will be of interest to anyone who has wondered what to do when diagnosed with a fatty …

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Preventing Autism – Vital Strategies

Therapies for Autism

The incidence of autism in children has escalated dramatically in recent years. In this interview with Dr Marvin Anderson and Dr Sandra Cabot you will learn how to minimise the possibility of having an autistic child and what to do if you have one. Video Contents: Specific diet and supplements are discussed. Family history, environmental toxins, autoimmune disease and the …

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Exercises to Keep You Fit – Part 3

Marcel lost 40 kg (88 pounds) by following the instructions in Dr Sandra Cabot's book "Fatty Liver you can reverse it". In this video, Marcel speak candidly with personal trainer Vicky Jane Spencer about her journey.

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Depression and Anxiety


Dr Sandra Cabot discusses how to treat anxiety and depression. These conditions can really affect a persons life and it is very important to understand and treat depression and anxiety adequately.

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Type 2 Diabetes


Interview with Margaret Jasinska who is a qualified Naturopath and the co-author of 'Diabetes Type 2 You can reverse it naturally'.

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