Improve Liver Health And Function

From the video series “All About The Liver”

PART 6 (Duration 11:15 mins)


How to improve liver health and liver function. Find out from Dr Sandra Cabot how to improve your liver health and dramatically reduce the risk of liver damage.

Your liver is working 24/7 to protect your immune system and detoxify your body and yet most of us take it for granted and don’t give it a second thought. If we do develop a liver problem such as a fatty liver or hepatitis, we start to think about improving our liver. But why wait until you have a problem?

One very effective thing you can do is to take a liver formula that has been clinically tested. Livatone Plus has been clinically tested and was designed by a team of medical doctors and naturopaths for a specific purpose. That purpose was to support the phase one and two detoxification pathways in the liver as well as to reduce liver damage.

Livatone Plus contains:

The clinically proven dose of the liver herb called Milk Thistle, also known as St Mary’s Thistle
All the B vitamins, including activated B vitamins
Selenium and Zinc
Antioxidants and Vitamin C
Taurine, glutathione, and NAC
All these ingredients are combined in one capsule and importantly in the correct amounts. Doses required vary from 2 to 4 capsules daily.

Extra NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) can be used in people who have been exposed to toxic chemicals, adverse drug reactions or chronic infections. It is taken orally with a whole glass of water. NAC has been extensively studied in clinical trials and when given intravenously it is powerful enough to stop liver failure from acetaminophen overdose.

The benefits of Livatone Plus and NAC can be truly life changing. See the testimonial of oncologist Dr Eanelli who reversed his fatty liver and lost weight at on

An interesting case history I remember well concerned a 40-year-old woman who had developed a benign small lesion in her liver near the porta hepatis (where blood vessels and bile duct enters the liver).

Her specialist did not require a liver biopsy and thought that it may have been caused by her taking the oral contraceptive pill for many years, as this can raise the incidence of benign liver tumors. The problem was she could not lose weight and had recurrent nausea and pain over her liver. Her gallbladder was normal. I started her on a healthy liver diet, some raw vegetable juices and gave her a liver formula called Livatone Plus and she slowly improved over 4 months but still had some pain. One night she was awoken by a sharp pain in her liver area and had to pass a large bowel action – she checked the bowel action and she told me it looked like gooey molasses (too much information, but then doctors are used to that!). From that time on she had no more pain, and a repeat ultrasound scan of the liver was completely normal with no shadow on the liver. My conclusion was that the Kupffer cells in her liver had “chewed up” the tumor and it had been expelled via the bile ducts into the gut.

We live in a world full of toxins, processed food and viruses and this can impact badly on the liver increasing its workload and the risk of liver damage. Viral infections of the liver are common and although there are drugs to eradicate some of these viruses, the same drugs do not repair liver damage or improve liver function.

The liver responds so well to nutritional medicine and by supporting its function it will be able to protect you from many health problems.

Drink liver healthy fluids.

Drink more water!

Healthy liver beverages include – dandelion tea or dandelion coffee, white, green, or black tea; other teas of benefit include fennel, nettle, burdock, rosehip or calendula tea. Raw vegetable juices made with cabbage (purple and green), carrot, beet, spinach, lime or lemon, fresh turmeric, and a dash of ginger. These juices are high in antioxidants and polyphenols and can reduce liver inflammation. You don’t need huge amounts of these juices as they are very concentrated. Even seven ounces (200 mls) of juice several times a week can make a difference.

We do not recommend juicing with fruit, as the sugar content too high; it is better to eat the whole fruit and get the fiber. One exception is a juice made with grapefruit, lime or lemon as this is low in fructose and is liver cleansing. Homemade lemonade – freshly squeezed lemons, limes, grapefruit and add stevia or Nature Sweet Sugar Substitute if desired to sweeten (avoid sugar)

Coffee is healthy for the liver in a maximum of 4 cups daily but do not use instant coffee; use brewed coffee from coffee beans. You can use stevia or Nature Sweet Sugar Substitute to sweeten tea, coffee, and cool drinks if desired. Do not add sugar to tea or coffee.