Does HCG Diet Really Work?

For all those of you who are considering the HCG diet, I would like to share my experience with you. First of all, I was very sceptical because I had just about tried every diet on the market and bought book after book, tried health farms, liposuction etc… but just never found a way of getting a real handle on my weight. It’s been 41 yrs now that I have been searching for the truth! So many lies out there. So hard to sort through the misleading information just to sell us something and what a relief to get to a diet that actually works!

So here I was trying yet another diet program, but this time two things were different. I wanted to be slim again so bad that I was going to make this work. The other thing is, the rapport I instantly had with one of Sandra Cabot’s weight loss clinicians, who encouraged me with sincerity and warmth, to try the program. Even though my metabolism had slowed down so much from years of almost starvation diets at times.

To make things harder, was having been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which made it tougher than most to lose weight. I had ballooned up to a size 22 when I walked into the Cabot Clinic consulting rooms. I felt, from the nutritionist, a sense that this would work.  My best mate Peter, despite all my failed diet attempts, never stopped believing in me and thought that this would work too. That belief in me made a huge difference. Also, the Clinician’s confidence that despite an underactive thyroid gland and a very slowed down metabolism that this would work.

I was that desperate to become the old me again. Being a size 22, from a size 12-14, I had withdrawn from all the social things I used to go to. I just stayed home watching Foxtel and withdrew from old friends. Just felt embarrassed about my size and carrying the extra 35 kilos or so made movements harder.

I got the prescription for the HCG hormone and stopped off at the compounding pharmacy and bought the drops. I had been instructed to take 0.5 ml twice a day but because there were two measurements on the dropper, I accidentally took five drops instead of 0.5 ml, which ended up being a lot less than the recommended dose. Despite that, I lost 22.9 lbs in 34 days! Not bad, considering I only had a part dose by accident.

Vera, NSW