Does Pain Stop You From Exercising?

A painful musculoskeletal disorder can prevent you from exercising. This can be a vicious circle as the inability to exercise causes more weight gain and the extra weight aggravates the wear and tear on your joints and the discs in your lower back. The pain gets worse and worse and you get bigger and bigger.

The best exercises for people with arthritis, lower back pain, fasciitis and tendinitis include:

  • A swim spa
  • Swimming pool
  • Exercise bike

An exercise program designed for you by a physiotherapist – many health funds cover this cost, or you can be referred to a public hospital physiotherapy department.

If you have compression of the vertebrae and/or discs in the lower back, you can investigate the use of an inversion table – take a look on YouTube and eBay to see how they work. The traction provided by the inversion table can work a miracle to relieve even sciatica. You need to use it for 5 to 15 minutes twice a day.

Many people find that backache, arthritis and tendinitis can be reduced with supplements of vitamin D, magnesium, kelp powder and fish oil but you need to take them every day.

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