• Have the right mindset…  I decided to write down all the positive statements that was to support my resolve to finally DO THIS and not fail another diet.  Something I heard was “Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels.”  I also asked myself “If not now then when?”  When would I ever get this obestity out of my life so I could be the real me underneath again. I kept telling myself I CAN do this.
    • I went to the shed and got a really big duffle bag with strong handles and I decided to put tins in it, everytime I lost some weight I would use my kitchen scales and find a tin or something that weighed what I had lost that day and put it in the bag.   One particular night because I was only on half drops I nearly weakened and I picked up the bag and felt the weight of what I had lost … that tool for support really kept me strong that night …
    • Not cooking for the family, if you can arrange it, try and get them to let you focus on your program, it would have been ten times harder for me if I had to cook for others.  Their support made a mountain of difference .. I only had to focus on my own foods till the HCG days freed me too.  It goes in different stages.
    • What I also found really important was to have food prepared the night before so it was fool-proof for me … My bottles of water were all lined up … measured out …
    • As the food is so limited in the beginning, I used to cut my orange into six slices and then freeze it so it was like having an iceblock treat and it made the orange last for up to 20 mins …
    • Supportive people … I decided to tell VERY few … I was very selective as people always want to put their opinions forward and I wanted to not be swayed, I wanted to see for myself.  And YES this REALLY does work.
    • When I went to shopping centres and had to pass food courts etc … cake shops, fruit shops, fast foods etc .. I changed my mindset, and I imagined the food I wanted was sneezed on, or dropped on the floor had dirt and hairs on it … or maggots, I know it’s a bit grose but it got me through food courts … and I stayed loyal to my bigger goal.
    • I found on the 500 cals that if I put about a cup only of pure water in a small pot, cut up two cups of celery and sliced the chicked into little strips and would make a mini chicken soup … I added some Hymalanian salt for flavour .. and it made the meal nice …  you get used to such little calories … especially when those scales start dropping down in pounds/kilos.
    • I searched on the internet for others who had before and after pics around the same amount of weight to lose and printed the photos off … I made several copies mini for in the car .. and large for my bedroom wall … and I would say if she could do this so can I.
    • I made my mind up, for the first time in 41 yrs, I decided I HAD to do this diet.  The weight-loss Team at Cabot told me even a jelly bean would throw the program off.  She was right, I thought I would have some zero fat zero carb stock cubes for a drink .. and it took three days for the scales to go back to losing weight .. it slowed everything by three days …  So may I advise you, from my own experience, DON’T deviate if you decide to do this … the man who invented it spent 40 yrs research .. and the reward far outweighs the giving in.
    • Another time I stuffed up by spraying some perfume on when I was going out .. and the body sucked the oil straight out of that Chanel No 5.  I had no loss the next day …  I was warned to not put creams on my skin, or oil-based make up on so I followed the program.
    • I also bought myself a really good pair of weighing scales … Homemedics on sale for around $49.95 and the beauty of these scales are many.  It measures your fat %,  your muscle %, water %, bone density …  I found during the first phase my muscle mass went up by about 2% and my fat dropped from 51% fat to 44.8% my bone density also went slightly up …  I was thrilled to see the fat dropping and muscle building … most diets you lose muscle and fat not gain muscle.
    • Getting really good sleep makes a difference to this program working I try to be in bed by ten pm, used to be a night owl.
    • I also get a little sun in the morning, sun helps produce the hormone Vit D and assists in weight-loss I read also.
    • Charts, I made a stack of charts to motivate myself … I joined about eight A4 pages together and had the following colums to keep me on track.
      Part of the phase I am at
      Pounds I was in the morning [same for kgs if you prefer them]
      Pounds lost
      Subtotal of pounds lost
      Pounds sill to lose
      Percentage of weight lost from total amt to lose
      Stones rounded off
      Dress size
      Today in kilos for the Cabot Team to read
      HCG drops [depending on stage of diet]
      Water I drank in litres
      Type of emotions that day
      General comment
      V mild exercise [walk or 5 mins trampoline]
      Skin brushing
      Waist lost [running total]
      % of waist measurement
      % still to go
      R leg
      L Arm
      Body fat %
      Muscle %
      Bone density %
      N.B. I only measured once a week
    •  I wrote down in 14 lb lots [6 kgs] the predicted dress size
    • Reward system, as I have just dropped from 225lbs to 201lbs my reward was to see the Great Gatsby movie.   I have other presents wrapped for myself for every half stone = 7 lbs [3 kgs].  So when I get to the next milestone I get to open it..
    • I spoke lovingly to myself each day and night on a job well done.  I decided that beating myself up emotionally for always failing never helped … just brought me down so I decided to speak to myself like I would a best friend and I would be loving and encouraging to her .. so that’s how my new relationship with myself blossomed .. Each day I praise myself for another victory.
    •  I did have several plateaus, the perfume, the stock cubes etc .. about three days set back each … but I CONTINUED on … and would push past it.
    • I plastered photos of my goals all over my shower screen on the outside so when I was in the shower I would imagine walking into those goals .. in three D.  I have a photo of Racquel Welsh up as the figure I want to have … for me she is 11 out of 10.   A movie star from the sixties … a knockout.
    • I busied myself with little projects to support this goa l… I collected all my favourite recipes that are low GI for the lock-in and maintenance phases …
    • Ask yourself what would really support YOU on this journey so if, like me, charts, the bag where you lift and feel all the weight your losing to motivate you then tune in to what will lift you up … to get through the process.
    • A very powerful tool that kept me focused was to lie in bed and visualize the end result as if it was NOW … bring it into the now as keeping it in the future keeps it there … all the metaphysics books I have read say this is very powerful .. so imagine all the things being slim would let you be and do… visualize a movie of it being here NOW in your life… then drift off to sleep …
    • I have an item of clothing which is my next goal size clothing hanging behind my door.. that soon I will be fitting into..
    • I would tell myself if I never do this I will have many years ahead of never being happy with me.. and withdrawn.. so lets get it over.. it will end.. just doing it tough for a while.. get into a routine.. and have it ready to go…
    • In the beginning its easy to forget steps.. so I wrote up the menus I liked and used that… also a chart with a weight graph, A chart in my room of what being slim means to me…
    • I did get a bit of nausea with the HCG drops and it passed after about twenty mins, for me, drinking water and having my apple, made it pass.  It eased up after a few days…
    • I thought, the three days I went off the HCG, before you start eating Low GI on hunger that without the drops I would be hungry but I wasn’t.

I did lose weight slower than a pound a day because of my under active thyroid and because I accidently took half the amount per day… but am thrilled with my loss of an average of .7 of a pound a day.. that’s slightly less than half a kilo a day.

I wasn’t discouraged because .7 is still a WHOPPING three slabs of butter lost in fat.  That’s massive…  I thought of melting butter into jars to see and lift them.. as motivation but decided on tins instead.

For all of you out there thinking, ‘could HCG work for me?’ … Can I say YES it really works… after 41 yrs of failed diets I found one that worked for me.  Don’t start if your not determined… but when you see the inches and pounds melting and scales dropping each day it motivates you.

Dr Simeon did 40 long yrs research to make this diet work for all, and I am so greatful to all those yrs of research… changing my life for good now.

Years ago in my twenties I dropped from size 24 to a 10 by eating on hunger so Sandra and the team at the Cabot Clinic are right when they say to eat on true hunger… it will keep you at your new weight along with the HCG changing your new set point.

I found the fantastic thing is that I am losing weight off the waist, hips, butt, legs arms etc and stomach so the ugly fat places are the one this diet targets.

Believe in yourself you can do it… your not hungry with the HCG, its more habit not hunger.. so if you fill your time with hobbies before you know it … your there…

I am at the end of round one… so my next round will be even better because I will be taking the right amount wont I?  This diet is awesome… I highly recommend it.. after 41 yrs searching.. I finally found the truth to resetting my new set point and getting my metabolism to work again… I WISH I had known about this yrs ago… but having failed so many diets.. makes me so much more appreciative to have found this.

Give it a go by fully committing and know its only a short part of your yr to get such a great result… and support yourself by using all the supports that make it easier.  Keep a journal, charts anything that helps.

I wish you every success.. the team at Dr Sandra Cabot’s clinics really do care, and they have dedicated themselves to helping you achieve your goals..

I wish everything good and all the Success to all those thinking about giving this program a go… With the right mindset, tools, and truthful advice you have a winning formula.

So if I have inspired one person to give this a try.. and given you a few tools to make the journey easier then I am so happy because I have passed on the joy I am feeling at having just dropped from size 22 to an 18 in just 34 days… two full dress sizes.  I want you to have that joy on your weight loss journey as well.

Ask yourself if not now when… I just wanted to get on top of this weight loss problem and I want that for you.  Good luck it really works..