My HCG Diet Journey

After having my two boys, I could not get rid of the extra kilos that I had gained. I was doing Lite’n’Easy and bootcamp 3 nights a week and did not lose a drop of weight. I was at work feeling very emotional and frustrated and spoke to my work colleagues and they recommended seeing a naturopath.

I called the Cabot Clinic instantly and spoke to them. They told me they had a new diet that I would be interested in and that I would lose ½ kilo to a kilo a day.  I did not believe it but I was at a standstill and I needed help, so I booked an appointment.  After the diet was explained to me, I knew it was going to be hard but it was my last hope.

My first day on the HCG diet wasn’t too bad. I lost 1.1 kgs in one day and was over the moon. The next day was even better, I lost 1.9 kgs in one day.  In the first 2 days, I had lost 3 kgs! In the first week of the diet, I had lost a total of 6.9 kilos, it was an amazing feeling to get up in the morning and see these results. At times, I did struggle with not being able to look forward to a nice meal or going out for dinner with family or friends. I did not go to my best friend’s birthday dinner because I was scared I wasn’t going to be strong enough from being tempted into having a bit of garlic bread or a bite of pizza.

I can’t say my journey was easy but I can say it was worth it.  In six weeks, I lost 15.7 kgs and it will never ever be coming back.