One of my long term patients over 30 years has managed to keep her weight under control by reducing her levels of male hormones (androgens). To achieve this she has had to take a low dose of an anti male hormone medication called cyproterone acetate. She takes this medication in a low dose of 25mg daily and even though she has now reached menopause she still needs to take this medication. If she stops it, she quickly gains weight despite following a low carbohydrate diet. She has been a long term sufferer of polycystic ovarian syndrome which is associated with insulin resistance. She must remain totally grain free and sugar free otherwise she bloats and gains weight quickly. She exercises and takes a supplement to keep her liver healthy. This woman is an android body type and this body type is more prone to polycystic ovarian syndrome and insulin resistance than other body types. To discover your Body Type do the interactive quiz at

This patient is still slightly overweight but looks healthy and fit and has a lot of muscle. She is now happy with her weight but must maintain constant vigilance. Her blood sugar levels are normal and she has managed to avoid diabetes which is common in her family.

This case history demonstrates the powerful effect that hormone imbalance can have on weight problems. For more information see my book titled Don’t Let your hormones ruin your life.

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