This is an 18 minute discussion between Dr Cabot and Dr Dan on the condition of hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). This is also known as Grave’s Disease. Dr Cabot discusses which medications, supplements and lifestyle changes you need for improving thyroid function to restore good health

People diagnosed with hyperthyroidism are sometimes told by their physicians that the only choice they have is to continue with the fatiguing symptoms caused by the over active thyroid, have it removed by surgery or destroy it with radioactive iodine.

Sandra Cabot MD looks at an alternative, holistic medicine or treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Dr Cabot has beed treating people with hormone disorders for over thirty years and has written many books on the subject. Dr Cabot recommends the procedures mentioned above only as a last resort and while discussing the subject with Dr Dan explains the holistic approaches she has used with good success so that patients return to good health and keep their precious thyroid gland.

In this 18 minute video you will learn how Dr Cabot diagnoses the condition of hyperthyroidism and which medication, supplements and lifestyles she prescribes for optimum thyroid performance and a return to good health.

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