I’m Convinced That A Low Carb Diet Is The Answer

Dear Dr Cabot,

I recently finished cycling from Marree to Birdsville in 6 days, solo, unsupported, except for a food parcel sent to the roadhouse, and drinking water from cattle stations along the way.

I have been doing at least one long ride every year since 2004, such as Perth to Sydney twice, Sydney to Perth once, Darwin to Adelaide, etc, and ride regularly, yet I have noticed, that I am still carrying weight around my stomach. My brother has diabetes 2, and I do not wish to emulate him, in this regard. Therefore, it was a godsend that I saw your latest book and bought two copies, one for him, and one for me.

I have been off the carbs for three weeks now, and have lost some weight, although it is the girth that shows the true results. I am convinced, that a low carb diet is the answer. It is therefore worrying, that the official diabetes 2 diet is still based on carbs and margarine, and other so-called healthy fats, such as canola oil. Are these people still living in the middle ages, when, by the way, diets were much healthier than today? My concern is, that the official line perpetuates the condition.

Thank you for your book Diabetes Type 2 – you can reverse it.

Helmut G, Mosman NSW