My Wife Has Lost 18 Kilos!

At the end of last year, a client came in to us see us. Caroline was overweight, insulin resistant, suffered food addictions and was very good at negative self-talk. With some simple diet changes and a little work on her mindset, Caroline’s weight reduced dramatically. The transformation also balanced her fluctuating insulin levels bringing her back from the brink of becoming an irreversible type 2 diabetic. Caroline’s food addictions were quelled by her coming into the Cabot Clinic for regular consultations with the weight loss team who were able to steer Caroline’s to a new, positive outlook on life; most importantly, a positive outlook on her self-esteem.

After losing close to 20 kilos (and still going), we received an email from Caroline’s husband, Ron, who was happy for many reasons, as you can imagine. Ron wrote about his “new wife” with a “new life!” (With Ron’s approval we share with you an excerpt from his email).

“Last October, my wife, Caroline, visited your clinic and went on a weight reduction program. She followed it most of the time and lost 14.5 kg in the first 6 weeks. As a result, she has changed her eating habits and during the stabilisation phase has continued to lose weight and has now lost 18 kg. This is a fantastic achievement and has changed her outlook on life and her attitude. She can now participate in family walks and bike rides. More importantly though, her taste buds have changed and she now only seems to crave foods that are good for her, so it seems this change will have a lasting effect.

Thank you for making a difference to our lives.”
Ron M, NSW Australia

If you are having trouble controlling your weight, it really can be a lot easier than you think to lose it. You just need to learn a little bit more about human metabolism, how to “tweak” your own metabolism and rethink the way you view yourself. Weight loss is not just a physical manifestation; successful weight loss comes from addressing the physical, mental, emotional and a few other levels of yourself. With the assistance of our weight loss consultants, we can address all of these issues and have you feeling your beautiful self again. We want you to be the best you can be in this one short life, and there is nothing stopping you but your own powerful mind.

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