Iodine – The Thyroid Mineral

Iodine is an essential trace mineral and is needed for the manufacture of thyroid hormone and a healthy immune system. Iodine helps to maintain healthy cells and tissue in the thyroid gland, breasts and prostate gland. It is also an excellent natural antibiotic.

Obviously, we do not want to be deficient in this life enhancing mineral, but many people are. Worldwide approximately 2 billion people suffer of iodine deficiency. Deficiencies are common in all countries including rich countries.

The iodine-replete healthy adult has 15–20 mg of iodine in their body and 80% of this is stored in the thyroid gland. It is also accumulated by breast and prostate tissue.

To see if you are deficient in iodine you can have a urine test to measure the concentration of iodine in your urine. Average normal urinary iodine concentrations are 100–199 mcg/L in children and adults, 150–249 mcg/L in pregnant women and >100 mcg/L in lactating women. If your levels fall into these ranges this indicates that you have adequate iodine in your body.

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