When your liver does not regulate fat metabolism efficiently, weight gain will tend to occur around the abdominal area and a protuberant abdomen (pot belly) will develop. A roll of fat around the upper abdomen (spare tyre) is another symptom of a fatty or poorly functioning liver.

It can be almost impossible to lose this abdominal fat until liver function is improved. Once this is done, the liver will start burning fat efficiently again and excess weight will come off gradually and without too much effort. Also, when liver function is improved, energy levels are increased.

Many middle-aged people with excess fat in the abdominal area have a fatty liver. In this condition, the liver has stopped burning fat and has turned into a fat storing organ. It becomes enlarged and swollen with greasy deposits of fatty tissue and is no longer as efficient at removing toxins from your body as it should be.

What is effective in the long term, is to eat the correct foods and nutrients for the liver to improve its fat burning function and this is  where Dr Cabot’s Below the Line Diet can really help.


What exactly is Dr Cabot’s Below the Line?

  • It’s a way of eating which is easy to implement both now and in the long term – cutting back on some types of carbs can help your poor, and often overworked liver, get back to working the way it should.
  • It is better than Paleo for your liver because it has more plant variety
  • It can reverse a fatty liver
  • It works well for weight loss


You may consume these foods and drinks:

  • Spreads – tahini, hummus, avocado, tomato paste, nut spreads, real butter
  • Oils – cold pressed olive oil, grape seed oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil
  • Salads – good dressings include organic apple cider vinegar, lemon, cold pressed oils
  • Lean fresh red meat especially lamb or veal are healthy, grass fed is best
  • Eggs – (free range, organic if possible) you can eat a lot of eggs as they are not fattening and are good for the liver
  • Poultry – chicken, turkey, duck etc. (free range, organic is best if possible)
  • All seafood – fresh and canned are good choices
  • All vegetables – including starchy vegetables – except white potatoes
  • Fruits – 4 pieces daily is a maximum – berries, citrus, kiwifruit and passionfruit are best for weight loss
  • Raw Nuts and Seeds – can be salted if desired
  • Yoghurt – plain, unflavored, full fat and Greek yogurt
  • Cheese – Feta, pecorino, vintage, parmesan cheese, cottage, ricotta etc.
  • Coconut milk (canned) and A2 dairy, almond milk (always check labels to ensure they are sugar free)
  • Synd-X Slimming Protein Powder – for sweet smoothies, yogurt and/or ice cream. Use on grain free “cereal” for breakfast (chia, hemp, LSA), instead of sugar to add extra protein
  • Natural sweetener – Stevia
  • Low carb alcohol – Spirits like vodka, whiskey, rum, etc; add Soda water and ice, sweeten with Stevia, and add fresh limes or lemons or grapefruit.

The most important part of Dr Cabot’s Below the Line Diet!

Avoid eating these foods and drinks . . .

Flour, bread, cereals, pasta, noodles, pastry, cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins etc. If you are very overweight and/or gluten intolerant, avoid wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn and rice

Avoid sugar, jam, molasses, treacle, ice cream (unless homemade without sugar), candy, sweets (dark chocolate is allowed in moderation)

Avoid deep fried foods, (stir fry is allowed), wine, beer and sweet drinks and soda pop drinks

Margarine – all types, and all hydrogenated fats (trans-fats)

Avoid microwave ovens, plastic bottles and aspartame