My Mother Jacqueline

My mother Jacqueline is 92 years of age and is still amazing. I am just about to publish her book titled “Where Does the King Frog Hide?”

Jacqueline with her great granddaughter Willow

My mother has outlived 3 husbands and has a great attitude to life. One of her sayings that I like is “Don’t be too serious, life is mysterious” and I agree. I have lost several colleagues to suicide who could not handle the diverse stresses of life and I wished I could have helped them, but they did not ask for help.

If we overthink things or “plumb the depths”, it can be draining and overwhelming and it is good to learn a meditation technique to stop thinking. I use meditation myself and it really helps me to stop overthinking and to not be too serious. I mean what is really important? As a doctor I know it is your mental and physical wellbeing that is number one and we must avoid letting stress damage this desirable state.

The other thing my cheeky mother says in the context of life being mysterious is “you never know what is about to turn up, and as long as it is not your toes, don’t be too worried”.

I agree with Jacqueline, so I encourage you to nurture your health, your heart, your mind and your immune system so that you can be more robust to deal with anything that comes along.

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