The Original Lipophilic Fibre

NeOpuntia® : a step by step development

Since 1996, BIO SERAE R&D team has focused its scientific research on the field of dietary fibres for weight management purpose. After comparative studies, they demonstrated the much higher ability of some kind of Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) to interact with fat compared to other plants.

From that time, BIO SERAE worked to develop a unique standardised product, with certification of equal quality and efficiency for each batch produced.

This natural product, resulting from a proper selection and gentle processing, was registered under the international patent N°014960 – PCT / FR 02 / 01254.

To ensure a standardised lipophilic activity for each batch of NeOpuntia® , BIO SERAE developed a real know-how about:

  • Raw material
  • Production Process
  • Quality Control

Gentle chemical-free process


  1. Planting of Opuntia ficus-indica
    BIO SERAE set up exclusive agreement with local growers
  2. Growing
  3. Selection
  4. Hand picking
  5. Selection
  6. Washing
  7. Quality check up
  8. BIO SERAE patented process
    Including : drying through heat treatment,
    Standardisation of lipophilic action
  9. Quality check up
  10. Fat binding test

A unique lipophilic action

More than 45% of functional dietary fibres

NeOpuntia® is an original complex of insoluble  and soluble dietary fibres which allows a unique fat binding mechanism in 2 steps:

1st step

Hydrophobic interactions between fats and insoluble fibres

2nd step

Stabilisation of the primary interactions thanks to soluble fibres which create a fluid gel

Sketching according to research conducted by BIO SERAE Laboratoires

The solution to support body weight management

Due to its lipophilic properties, NeOpuntia® can be helpful for reducing fat absorption into the body, with instant efficacy starting in the stomach.

Sketching according to research conducted by BIO SERAE Laboratoires

Our preliminary studies suggest that interactions with NeOpuntia® prevent pancreatic lipase from splitting fat molecules into smaller units.

Growing body of testing data

In vitro Gastrointestinal tests conducted by the TNO Nutrition and Food Research (The Netherlands)

*Fatty acids bio-accessibility

  • 2001: 2g of NeOpuntia®, associated with a test meal, absorbed 28.3% of total fatty acids during a 4-hour experiment.
  • 2004: Comparison between NeOpuntia® and a branded chitosan : NeOpuntia® was found to decrease fatty acid bio-accessibility by 28.3%, while chitosan showed no effect.*
  • 2005: NeOpuntia® lipophilic capacity is confirmed, when associated with a traditional American breakfast : it reduces fat absorption by 23%.

In vivo Pilot Clinical Study conducted in partnership with the CERN

2003: Double blind study conducted on 10 volunteers suggests that NeOpuntia® increases fat excretion on an average of 27%.

Each volunteer was given 1.6g of NeOpuntia® per meal or the equivalent dose of placebo.

  Day 1 – 7 Faecal lipids
Day 8 – 14 Day 15 – 21 Faecal lipids
1st group
Placebo Wash out NeOpuntia®
2nd group
NeOpuntia® Wash out Placebo
(% faecal lipids with NeOpuntia®) – (% faecal lipids with placebo) x 100 = 27% increase
(% faecal lipids with placebo)

Based on the conducted studies, NeOpuntia® does not bind in a selective way to fat-soluble vitamins A and E either in vitro or in vivo.

BIO SERAE, in association with leading scientific experts, is still working to better understand NeOpuntia® inner workings and to provide further reliable scientific background.

Guaranteed lipophilic action

For each batch of NeOpuntia®, BIO SERAE guarantees a Standardised Lipophilic Capacity, that you will not find with chitosan or with the basic nopal.

1 g of Interacts with 19 ± 3 g Mayonnaise
  11 ± 2 g Butter
  9 ± 2 g Olive Oil

Regulatory background

  • Natural product resulting from gentle, environmentally friendly process: chemical-free and solvent-free.
  • GMO-free and Allergen-free.
  • Used by millions of people worldwide: no side effect ever reported. Standard toxicological test confirms NeOpuntia® food safety.
  • Food grade ingredient:  the raw material being an everyday consumption vegetable is thus exempted from the E.U. Novel Food procedure.
  • Approved as: Organic, Vegetarian, Kosher





Guaranteed lipophilic capacity YES NO NO
Scientifical background YES
Clinically tested in vivo
Studies showed no effect NO
Safety YES
Vegetarian & GMO free
Shellfish product
No guarantee on the plant
pH dependent NO YES Not Applicable
Naturalness and quality YES
Solvent free process & regular quality
Heavy chemical extraction & purification Irregular quality, roughly grounded material
International Acknowledgement YES
Silver HI Award 200
Bad reputation coming… NO


Branded and patented

Unique lipophilic properties


100% Green and natural, GMO-free and allergen-free, vegetarian, Kosher and Organic certified


The green alternative to chitosan. Scientifically supported by in vitro and in vivo pilot clinical studies


Food grade ingredient with guaranteed lipophilic action

For dietary supplement, food and beverage formulations


Sandra Cabot’s QuickLoss™ meal replacement is a highly nutritious meal replacement powder with active NeOpuntia®.

Special features of QuickLoss™

  • Special dietary fibre to assist weight loss & improve bowel function
  • Selenium & iodine for efficient thyroid function
  • Chromium to reduce cravings
  • NeOpuntia® which is a patented cactus fibre; this gives you a feeling of fullness and reduces your appetite.
  • It binds the oils & fat in your digestive system, reducing their absorption and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Your customers deserve the most completely formulated meal replacement available. QuickLoss™ is in itself a total meal replacement for people wanting to reduce weight quickly.
QuickLoss™ is designed to replace two main meals daily, it is generally used to replace breakfast & lunch.
QuickLoss™ meal replacement  is an holistic program that comes with  Dr Cabot’s new QuickLoss™ eating plan.



NeOpuntia® is a trademark of Bio Serae Laboratories S.A