Osteoporosis – Natural Ways To Increase Your Bone Density

The bone thinning disease osteoporosis is common and as the population continues to age, this problem can only get worse, unless we take active steps to maintain bone strength.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease in that it is often not diagnosed until there has been a bone fracture and it is then harder to repair the bone damage. It is obviously better to prevent osteoporosis and it is good to start at a young age. But even if you have osteoporosis it is possible to increase your bone density with the right tools.

Osteoporosis is caused by genetic factors, lack of physical exercise, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin K deficiency, and/or deficiencies in some minerals – namely calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silica, boron, strontium, and copper. Mineral deficiencies are common and may be due to a poor diet or disorders of the gut that reduce the ability to absorb minerals.

Ask your doctor to check your blood level of vitamin D. Vitamin D can be measured in two different units of measurement and in the USA the units used are ng/mL. In Australia and Canada, the units of measurement are nmol/L.

The normal ranges of vitamin D for blood tests are:

Lower Limit Vitamin D Upper Limit Vitamin D
75 nmol/L 200 nmol/L
30 ng/mL 100 ng/mL

You do not want to be average here; you want to have levels of vitamin D that promote strong bones. The optimal levels of vitamin D are higher than the average levels. You only want to supplement with natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). I recommend you take enough vitamin D3 and/or get enough sunshine to keep your serum vitamin D levels around 150 to 200 nmol/L or 70 to 80ng/mL.

Excess vitamin D intake can cause elevated blood calcium levels; so, don’t overdose on it – it’s not a case of the more the better. Get your blood level checked every 6 to 12 months to find the dose of vitamin D3 that keeps you in the optimal levels.

Other helpful supplements to build and maintain strong bones

Vitamin K2 – this vitamin puts calcium into the bones and reduces deposition of calcium in the arteries. The fermented soy food “natto” has the highest vitamin K2 levels of any food, however natto is an acquired taste and has a slimy texture so most people find it awful to eat. You can take a vitamin K2 supplement, and the Liver Doctor brand of Super Vitamin K contains 2200 mcg of vitamin K combined with 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 per capsule. Liver Doctor Super Vitamin K contains 3 forms of vitamin K, for optimal bioavailability and provides vitamin K2 in its natural and most biologically active form called Menaquinone-7 or MK-7.

Bone Build capsules contain a well absorbed form of calcium known as calcium hydroxyapatite, plus the other bone essential minerals magnesium, manganese, zinc, silica, boron, and copper. Because it is such a comprehensive formula you only need to take 2 to 3 capsules daily with food. Bone Build also contains vitamin C, D3 and vitamin K.

Be aware that the cheap form of calcium called calcium carbonate is the most common form of calcium to be advertized and thus supplemented. Calcium carbonate is the same form of calcium that is found in chalk and is not the best absorbed form of calcium. I do not recommend it.

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