With all of the education and information available these days about the dangers of smoking cigarettes,  it could be imagined that no one would continue to do such a destructive thing to their body. The real story however is that many people continue to smoke.

There is no doubt that the nicotine and other nasties in cigarettes are addictive and difficult to walk away from – even knowing all the potential life threatening problems which could impact on many smokers does not stop them from reaching for a cigarette. Thankfully there are now many options on the market to try and help you break this life shortening habit – things like patches, gum and even hypnotism can assist in finally kicking the habit.

With all this help available, why are there still smokers out there puffing away and risking their health?

Believe it or not, it seems that some smokers are more concerned about the possibility of weight gain once they have given up the cigarettes than the damage being caused with each and every puff.

Excessive weight gain is a health issue in its own right and is not something to be taken lightly – perhaps that is why some smokers think it is better the devil you know.

Using protein shakes or meal replacements are the perfect solution to this conundrum!

Enjoying a shake while you are giving up smoking will not only stop the type of snacking which can quickly expand your waistline, it will ensure you are giving your body the best nutritional support you can, while going through one of the potentially most difficult times of your life.

A win-win situation in anyone’s language!