I Can’t Wait For Spring!

If I hadn’t seen my husband lose the weight that he did, then I would never have believed someone could lose so much weight so quickly and not put it back on!  Max lost 3 kilos per week for 4 weeks and actually had to end the course early as he had already lost his goal weight of 10 kilos, in fact, he had lost 12 kilos!

Once Max had stopped the HCG program and was onto the 3-week stabilisation phase, I was waiting to see if he would put the weight back on, almost sure that he would. Let’s face it, almost hoping he would as I was starting to feel the pressure of my newly svelte hubby on many levels. He is back at the gym during the week and says he has the energy levels he had when we were in our 20’s!

The difference for Max was the guidance throughout the diet at his follow-up consultations and further still aftercare and accessibility of our practitioner at the Cabot Clinic. It is all well and good to complete a diet, but what about when you go back to old eating habits? Well, that didn’t happen. Throughout Max’s follow-up appointments, the team at the Clinic always gave advice on healthy eating and the food industry, giving nutritional tips and interesting facts about the function of certain food groups on the body and all its systems. Most surprisingly to us, the impact food has on particular hormones! Max and I thought we were relatively healthy, but once you are informed a little bit about the food industry and the consequences of processed foods, you soon realise that these days there is a lot more to the food you eat!

I couldn’t believe it was all so easy, you don’t need to spend your life wondering why you are putting on weight or worrying about your food when you know what and when to eat! Seeing Max’s success I decided to go along to his final follow-up consultation and organise to do the HCG diet myself.  I stuck to it for the maximum 6 week period and lost 14 kilos! My sugar cravings have gone, my energy levels are through the roof, and even though the total amount of calories I ate was a mere 500 calories per day, I just did not feel hungry  Okay, I was bored with the lack of choice and let’s face it, I think it was one of the most antisocial 6 weeks of my life, but I just was not hungry.

Have I put the weight back on? No! When I have had a little splurge, I know how to quickly lose any extra couple of kilos I may have put on, thanks to the knowledge I now have from the Cabot clinicians on what to eat and when to eat it.  t was the ongoing guidance, nutritional education and enthusiasm we received from the staff at the Cabot Clinic that enabled Max and I to keep our weight off. It’s been four months now since we finished our HCG diet, I can’t wait for Spring!

Maria V,
Oran Park NSW