Talking About The Dr Cabot Cleanse With Rossco

Dr Sandra Cabot chats with Rossco about her 15 Day Dr Cabot Cleanse program. She explains how the program works on the liver, gut and immune system and provides a case history of a patient who had great success from using the Cleanse. For more info visit

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ROSSCO: And here we are. As I’ve said yesterday, and the day before. Today would be Wednesday, and therefore, it is Wednesday Wellness Day. Good morning, Dr Sandra Cabot!

DR CABOT: Good morning, Rossco!

ROSSCO: You little ripper! How good is it? Isn’t it great that spring has sprung?

DR CABOT: Yes! It is lovely to see all those flowers in bloom.


DR CABOT: Hopefully everybody’s blooming out there and they’re feeling love in their heart blooming and feeling their health blooming. Because this is a good time to really look at your health and go, “Well, what can I do that is really going to make a difference?” And I see a lot of people, Rossco, who are tired and they’re bloated and they’re overweight. And they’ve been in lockdown, of course, with this virus. And you always have to start with the liver. That is the strategic point because that’s the most important organ in your body to balance everything else and to really get your metabolism going.

So, I’m going to talk about the 15-Day Cleanse. Have you heard of that?

ROSSCO: I certainly have! You’ve been world famous.

DR CABOT: Yeah, I did. Because we did a lot of research, and we found that the 15 days is what it takes to really improve your liver function and to help get the fat out of the liver. Because what happens to people when they’ve been a bit inactive and they’ve been eating too much carbohydrate or drinking too much alcohol, their liver gets too much fat in it. So, they get a bit of a fatty liver and then everything slows down.

So, the 15-Day Cleanse is a really easy eating plan, combined with 3 different powders that will improve your liver, improve your gut and improve your immune system. So, they’re the 3 things you need to work on, if you want to do a cleanse; is your liver, your gut and your immune system.

And we all know about gut bacteria. They’re very, very important.


DR CABOT: We have a lot of bacteria in our gut and we need the right type of bacteria. So, part of the 15-Day Cleanse, we have the ultimate gut health powder. And that’s got a good probiotic. Plus, it’s got some glutamine, aloe vera, slippery elm, pectin. Everything to heal a leaky gut and to promote healthy gut bacteria. And it tastes quite nice. So, it takes around 2 weeks to improve your gut bacteria.

And then we have the alkaline powder. And it’s really good to alkalinize your body because that improves the health of your cells and reduces inflammation. The alkaline powder is a bit strong tasting. So, I say to people, “Well, you can mix it with coconut oil, which is very healthy, and make it into little balls and chew it or just swallow it with a bit of water.” But alkalinizing is very, very important because people are very acidic and that causes…

ROSSCO: Right!

DR CABOT: Yeah! And then you’ve got the liver superfood and that’s got 28 different superfoods. It’s got herbs, it’s got vitamins and minerals and a lot of greens in it. So very, very concentrated. It tastes quite nice. It’s sweetened with stevia. It has a cacao, so it’s a natural chocolatey flavor. All chemical free, a lot of organic ingredients. And so, you take that one in the morning.

And we got some great testimonials on the 15-Day Cleanse website. Some really good testimonials. Just to tell you about one lady, really interesting case. She rang up one day and she was beside herself, because she had a very fatty liver. So much so, that the liver enzymes in her blood tests were elevated and her liver was enlarged. And the liver specialist had said, “You are going to get cirrhosis and you need a liver biopsy.” Well, that panicked this poor lady, understandably. She wasn’t a drinker, by the way. She was just overweight and eating a lot of carbohydrate. And, anyway, I said to her, “No, you won’t get cirrhosis. You’ve just got a bad fatty liver.” And when you have a fatty liver, it causes inflammation and indeed become an epidemic. It’s the leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer now, is fatty liver. But the good news is it’s easy to reverse!

ROSSCO: Great!

DR CABOT: It really is. And so, the Cleanse is designed to give you the essential ingredients to improve your liver.

So, this lady did the Cleanse. And she did it 3 times because she was in a bad way. She totally reversed her liver inflammation. All her blood tests were normal. She lost a lot of weight. It did take her 6 months to lose the weight, because she was very overweight. But she didn’t have cirrhosis at all. And it just illustrates how your liver and your gut respond to the Cleanse. Just changing some basic things in your life.

But I’m always surprised, Rossco, how many people are addicted to carbohydrates. Because they’re everywhere, aren’t they? Yeah, they’re everywhere. In all the processed foods, the packaged foods, sugar and gluten. And people normalize it and then they think, “Oh well, that’s just the way I am.” But really, no! It’s not good! And we do need to do something about it. I’m seeing so many people with fatty liver and inflammation who just need a cleanse. And they love it! They really get the good results.

So, check out the Dr Cabot 15-Day Cleanse website. And there’s some great recipes on there and you’ll get inspired. Do it before summer. Get into the springtime groove detoxing.

ROSSCO: All right! We are committed! Two weeks from now, our own 14 day off deal.

DR CABOT: 15 days, Rossco. That extra day makes a difference!

ROSSCO: I love it! Oh Doctor, you are so wonderful. Love your work. We’ll do it again next week. You’re with Rossco and Dr Sandra Cabot. Bye, you angel of life!

DR CABOT: Bye, Rossco!