Thank You For Making Such Wonderful Products


I wouldn’t like to just seriously thank Dr Sandra Cabot and her colleagues for making such wonderful products that truly have helped me! I was dying those many years ago with Hashimoto’s disease and then after seeing Sandra Cabot’s colleague, Dr Annie Chappell, I was able to get the help I needed back in my 30’s. Within two weeks the Thyroid Health capsules shrunk my thyroid and kept it healthy for many many years. I was off the capsules for Just 2 years and in that time I developed three fluid filled cysts on my thyroid and I knew then I needed to immediately get back on these capsules. I did and my thyroid is much happier for it. I still don’t need thyroxine, as my hormones are working fine and am in my 50’s now.

Over a week ago now, I went into hospital with pain in my liver area. The surgeon and I felt it was my gallbladder but after an abdominal ultrasound and blood work they discovered that I was the beginning of a fatty liver and my gallbladder was fine! So I discovered Sandra Cabot’s LivaTone Plus capsules and have been taking them now for just three days and already I have to tell you I have noticed a remarkable difference. The discomfort is gone and my urine is actually returning to normal colour, along with the bloating that is now eased. I don’t know what these capsules did but they immediately went to work on my bowel and just yesterday my body cleared itself out.

Sorry for that extra information, but please let Sandra know she’s just a wonderful doctor. She’s always been on the right track and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much Dr Sandra Cabot!

Best regards
Pam F, Seaford SA