The Benefits Of Regular Cleansing – Keeping Your Body In Balance

A timely and regular cleanse will prevent your body from getting too badly out of balance, so it then becomes harder to go back to your original healthier state.

You have probably heard of the theory of critical mass, which is used in physics and sociology. It is a size or state of something (such as a thunderstorm, nuclear fissile or human body) where a thing becomes self-perpetuating. In other words, it can start to grow more quickly by itself. For example, if an obese person keeps gaining weight, they will eventually get to a critical mass, which causes their hunger and fat storing hormones to become permanently elevated. This causes them to gain weight more and more easily.

When talking of total body toxin accumulation, this can reach a critical mass (level) where the detoxification systems of the body become overloaded and no longer work efficiently. The high level of toxins causes weight gain (they become obesogens) and inflammation (they become inflamogens).

We want to avoid getting to a critical mass state in our body when it comes to fat and toxin accumulation. A regular cleanse will prevent this and make it much easier for you to sustain your better level of health that you achieved after your first cleanse.

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