I saw a new patient who had travelled 4 hours to see me to get help.

She was very overweight at 124 kilograms (273 pounds) and felt very hot and sweaty all the time. She had a very red face with a lot of dilated capillaries on her cheeks and her blood pressure was raised, despite taking anti-hypertensive drugs. She found that the extreme heat in her body disturbed her sleep greatly, which made her very tired.

She had tried lots of diets but could not lose weight!

It was obvious to me that she had a severe fatty liver with all the symptoms of liver inflammation. I explained to her that she would never cool down and feel well, or lose weight unless we fixed her liver. She replied “Well, no doctor has told me that I have a liver problem!” This is very common, as not many doctors give the liver the importance it needs and do not realise it is the key organ for many people who struggle with being overweight.

I gave this woman a low carbohydrate diet with no grains or sugar (except for raw fruits) allowed. She was not menopausal so it was not lack of estrogen that was causing her over heated body – it was her liver that was so over worked and it generated enormous amounts of heat.

I gave her a good formula to improve her liver function called Livatone Plus. I also gave her N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) capsules 600mg per capsule, 2 x twice daily. NAC reduces liver inflammation and improves detoxification of the liver. The Livatone Plus and NAC together would heal her liver and help get the excess fat out of her liver. She was told to eat a lot of salads and vegetables and good quality protein from eggs, whey protein powder, seafood and poultry.

I saw her 6 months later and she weighed 90 kilograms (198 pounds) and was much more relaxed. Her sleep had been restored and she was no longer over heated. The capillaries on her face had greatly reduced and her complexion was clearer. Her blood pressure was now normal.

She thanked me profusely for giving her the understanding that her liver was so important in her ability to restore her health. If she had not met me she would never have thought that her inflamed liver was the cause of all her symptoms


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