Thyroid Problems Solved

In this 20 minute interview Sandra Cabot MD discusses with Dr Dan, the best holistic strategies to help an underactive thyroid condition (also known as hypothyroidism). The condition of underactive thyroid gland is most commonly caused by Hashimoto’s Disease. To balance the thyroid gland we need the correct combination of medicines, supplements and diet. Dr Cabot has seen thousands of patients with thyroid problems over her thirty years of research and clinical practice. A “must see’ for anyone with thyroid health issues.


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  • siobhan castiglia

    Hello Doctor,
    I just heard about you at a 4th of July party from a woman who has followed your wisdom, supplements and knowledge for a long time(since she lived in Australia).
    I had my thyroid removed in 1994 and my parathyroid gland does not work. My HMO has grossly neglected my many cries for help over the decades!!!! I have had excessive radiation as an infant in mid-60’s, several meningiomas (one that was deemed “benignish” because it was on my spine). I have read so much about this and my Hashimoto but it is too potent to do on my own…
    Siobhan Castiglia ★struggling★

    • Victoria Herrera

      Hi Siobhan, it is said that when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears! We can both be grateful to your friend for letting you know about the work I do – it is always great to hear about someone who has followed my advice and how they “found” their health again. My book, Your Thyroid Problems Solved, offers much in the way of advice and, importantly, real understanding of your Hashimoto’s so you can be more involved in your journey to better health.

  • John Palframan

    This video has brought many things to my attention that I was unaware of. I will definitely be buying the book and some Thyroid Health capsules as well. Also the video has explained a lot that many doctors will not or don’t have the time. I have an underactive thyroid and am taking thyroxine tabs but still feel very weak and tired. I think the book will will help me understand the workings of the thyroid so I may live a healthier life. After reading “The Liver Cleansing Diet” many years ago i became healthier and happier as it became a guideline for my diet. Thankyou Dr Cabot.