Unlocking The Key To My Sugar Addiction

Hi Wendy

Thank you so much for giving me a valuable key to unlocking the puzzle of my sugar addiction.  This key is L-Tyrosine and it has had a magical effect in my life.

Three months ago, I signed up to yet another weight loss program (you name it, I’ve done it!). I was feeling hopeless, powerless and ashamed because I kept gaining weight instead of losing! After several months ,I could clearly see how tight a grip my bingeing on sugar and starch had over my life.  The idea of food consumed my thoughts. Much like an alcoholic, I struggled every day to not fall off the wagon. Thankfully I had read your book and I finally decided to call you. Thank God I did!

I started taking L-Tyrosine after our first session and found straight away that my mind cleared, my mood lifted and my cravings evaporated. I was stunned when I could go to the shops and easily walk by the bakery section and junk food aisle. I was no longer drawn to it. I could take it or leave it. I have NEVER felt that way in my life so it’s been a revelation! To know I can now choose what I put in my mouth is empowering. And, guess what, I’ve started to lose weight!

Other keys to my recovery have been to meditate daily and learn to detach from people, places and things, including my strong emotions. I believe L-Tyrosine helps me do these things too.

I have a son with ADHD and a daughter with mental health issues and I hope they notice the changes in me and will also be inspired to give L-Tyrosine a try.

Keep spreading the good word Wendy.

All the best,
NM, Australia