Want To Give Up The Grog?

Dear Wendy and to whoever wants to give up the grog!

I would just like to write and let people know that I had hit rock bottom not so long ago, drinking almost every night till I was really drunk and to pass out stage. My marriage was on the rocks and my kids were seeing too much for kids their age… I was stuck in a rut that I didn’t know how to get out of.  I had been drinking for 30 years and I knew I was out of control and needed help but was also very confused. I have lots of family and friends but no one to turn too! Then I was reading a book (Fatty Liver – you can reverse it) which someone had given me 6 months earlier and I had not read. I got to a page where they suggested going to Wendy’s Website… and the rest is history!

I read her Website and something clicked for me and I sent her an email that night while I was probably drunk, I was very scared too…  She responded the next day straight away. I was amazed and I haven’t had a drink since and that was 5 months ago. The words “Courage to Change “really meant something to me! Wendy is easy to talk to and following her program works. You will have good days and bad days but knowing somebody like Wendy is there to talk to and understand and you don’t feel alone or a person always on the outside looking in. It really helps… there is no judgement either.

I have seen a lot of different people over the last 25 years and no one had hit the nail on the head like Wendy did. My marriage is back on track, my kids are happier, there is no more shouting, life is great and I know in my heart I will never ever touch a drop of alcohol again! I have learnt so much and I can now live life without alcohol numbing it, and I am proud I can now be a good role model for my kids. I hope whoever reads this testimonial gets the help they need because there is life on the other side and it’s a lot of work and a lot of life changes but it’s your life and you’re worth it. Just do it.

Thank you Wendy for teaching me the strength within to do it!

Michele H, WA.
May, 14th, 2013