A Quick Chat With Rossco – Fatty Liver

Dr Cabot addresses recent concerns around Australian supplements and shares her top tips for a healthy liver after reading some concerning research about fatty liver and COVID-19.

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ROSSCO: All right, you little treasures. I found her. The one and only Dr Sandra Cabot. Good morning.

DR CABOT: Good morning, Rossco.

ROSSCO: You’s a lot for lady. Gosh! It’s always good to talk to you. People can’t wait for this segment. Me, in particular.

DR CABOT: Great!

ROSSCO: Yeah, it’s great. We do a great job. What are we discussing today?

DR CABOT: Well, we’re discussing a couple of things. Giving people clarity, because when you said to me that people have got this message that the nutritional supplements in Australia are all from China and they’re all synthetic and they’re not worth taking. And that is very wrong. I mean, some supplements are imported. But if you look on the label, a lot of nutritional supplements are made in Australia. And we have the highest standard of manufacturing of nutritional supplements in the world. In our country, they are considered therapeutic goods.


DR CABOT: So, they are made to the same standard as drugs.

ROSSCO: Right!

DR CABOT: And so, a lot of the vitamins and minerals, they are identical to the vitamins and minerals that you would find in your own body from foods.

ROSSCO: Right!

DR CABOT: But because the soils have become so mineral depleted. And in Australia, there’s a lot of deficiencies of minerals like iodine, selenium, magnesium, people often need to supplement. And if their supplement is made in Australia, they can be confident. And people should also know that most of the drugs in the world are made in India and China. And there’s been a lot of recalls of drugs.


DR CABOT: From antihypertensive drugs to diabetic drugs to antacid drugs because they’re contaminated. So, there’s a lot of false messages out there. And it makes me very angry because we should be proud of the manufacturing in this country, what’s left of it. And I don’t know where these false messages come from, but I think it’s very political and it’s wrong.

ROSSCO: Good idea!

DR CABOT: And the other thing people need to be aware of is the new development with the COVID-19, and that is that the liver health is very important. And researchers found, a big study was done, that if people had a fatty liver, their chance of getting sick with the coronavirus, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, that is the pandemic virus, is much, much higher. Indeed, it’s two and a half times higher.


DR CABOT: Yeah! Amazing, huh? I’ve always said for years that the liver is the protector of the immune system. If you have an unhealthy liver or fatty liver, then your immune system is not going to work properly. So, people need to take care of their livers. Whole natural foods, not too much processed food. You don’t have to be organic, even though that’s ideal. But some people can’t afford it. You need to wash your fruits and vegetables, get rid of insecticides and pesticides. So, you can soak them in water with one part vinegar to five parts of water and that will clean them. Put a bit of salt in the water, as well. Don’t cook everything in a microwave because it destroys the nutrients to a significant degree, particularly the B12 and the vitamin C, which are very important for the liver. So don’t always destroy your food in a microwave.

And you can have a really healthy, liver-cleansing salad. Now this is a really good recipe, Rossco. Have a vegetable chopper. You have to have a vegetable chopper, otherwise it’s too much hard work. And you chop up cabbage, carrot, beetroot and something green, maybe a bit of rocket or parsley. And nice and finely chopped and you add some olive oil, some lemon or lime, salt and pepper. And that’s a really good salad for your liver. You can put some eggs with it or bit of feta cheese or something, some nuts. But that mixture of the beetroot, cabbage, carrot and something green, that’s got a lot of nitrate and your body will turn it into nitric oxide and that will help people with a weak immune system, weak lungs or high blood pressure.

And you can also take a good liver formula. There’s a lot of good liver tonics out there. And if people want more information, just go to liverdoctor.com. It’s a good website. There’s a lot of wonderful recipes and tips on how to have a healthy liver!

ROSSCO: LiverDoctor.com


ROSSCO: Absolutely stunning! That’s why people love this segment. Every week, we look forward to it. We get such great, positive, powerful information.

DR CABOT: Yes, very important! Life-saving information.

ROSSCO: Absolutely! Dr Sandra Cabot, love you, thank you.

DR CABOT: Pleasure. Thank you, Rossco.